Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

I felt sick all night from eating so much dessert on Christmas Eve, 
so I slept in on Christmas Day.  

When I finally got up and opened my door, this is what I saw:

Presents lining the stairs (and my dog).         My mom is the best...



Dress pants for work, cool bracelets from Indonesia,a hoodie, new plants..and a leopard print bra from Victoria Secret.  Sorry, but that one's going back to the store. 

Her turn!  I got her a neck warmer/scarf thing from the Harvest of Talents in October, some lotion from Bath & Body Works (that I actually bought for myself and then didn't like), and a bag I got in Ibiza that she LOVES and I don't.  Nice gifts, huh!? ;)


Oh, I also got 6 lottery tickets to scratch...and I actually won on two of them!  I think I get a total of $15!  Not bad!


After a healthy breakfast of homemade pumpkin muffins, I went up to try on some of my new stuff!  Along with the dress pants for work, she also got me fake leather pants.  I only tried those on for fun...they definitely went back to the store, too.  I'm too old for that!

Leather pants!?

I also got some Christmas presents for myself:  

an iPad Air (LOVE IT!) and a new purple coat for my ski trip!

                                                                  Too much purple??   Never.

That afternoon, I went over to Tony and Christa's to see them for a few minutes, and Christa had time to trim my hair.  She was "bored" after that, so she decided to straighten it, too!  Hunter was asleep the whole time I was there, so no cute pictures of him, but he got a new trash truck and was pretty happy with it from what I was told. :)

Later that evening, we went down to Jason and Kelli's house.  Hadley was outside making a snowman when we got there, and was pretty proud of it, as you can see:


I guess once Christmas presents are opened, it's time to get rid of the tree.  We wrapped the giant thing up and drug it out to the curb, leaving a trail of pine needles the whole way.  That's why I just do fake.  No clean-up, and not expense every year! 

Hadley made Christmas presents for my mom and I, and even decorated the box with drawings (and Kelli wrote "Hadley's creations" on them.   So cute!

I didn't really get to open the present myself.  Hadley as way too excited for that.  So she handed me the box and then isntantly started opening it for me, haha.


Other random cuteness from the afternoon: 

Hudson and some dogs on the Petco facebook feed.


I went down to run on their treadmill for a little bit, and when I came back up, Hadley decided she wanted to "do" my hair.  I wasn't sure what exactly that entailed, but being the good aunt I am, I obliged.  Lucky for me, it was just her taking it out of the pony tail and flinging it around.  Nothing painful, which was nice. :)


We ate a little dinner and hung out for awhile, and called it a night.  

It was a pretty low-key and uneventful day, but I got to see everyone in my family, got some cool new presents, AND got straight hair, so I'd say that's a pretty solid Christmas!

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