Monday, September 15, 2014

September iPhone Pics (the first half of the month)

  • A little fun at the Shawnee Mission Dog Park!
Willow and Crickets favorite weekend activity

  • Hadley decided she wanted to go for a run with me one evening.  I had to teach her right.  Stretch first:

THEN run:      (how cute is she!?)

She actually did shockingly well and ran much further than I anticipated.  She was so mad when we told her she had to quit running she had real tears! 

  • Allie turned 12, and there isn't much the girl loves more than chocolate.  So I did what any good aunt would do and got her a box of all kinds of chocolate-y goodness...along with a cool balloon and some flowers, of course.  

We had dinner at Outback Steakhouse (her pick) and managed to make it out of there with only two drink spills and about 7 loaves of bread consumed.  I bet they couldn't wait for us to leave, haha.

Couldn't leave without getting some pictures with my favorite boys in the world! 

And another one - just for fun :)

  • The word is still out on which dress I will end up wearing for Angie's wedding in Aspen in two weeks...  I personally like the one on the right but Angie loves the two piece.

  • I got asked to sub for a sand volleyball team and had an absolute blast.  I used to play somewhat regularly, but that was years ago.  I was nervous if I would still be okay...and it all turned out fine.  Maybe volleyball is like riding a bike?   You never forget how? ;)

  • Another beautiful Kansas sunset:

  • Too matchy-matchy with the headband and skirt?  Ha.  Never. :)

  • I usually capture the sun setting, but I happened to get a good one of it rising this month on my way home from working out:

  • This months additions to the ever-growing bucket list of places I want to go:

  • When my friend Laura was in town for a race, we spent one day shopping in KC.  I fell in love with this cashmere sweater from Athleta (look how cool the back of it is!), but I did NOT fall in love with that price.  $198?  Ouch.

  • Ended up with this cardigan from Lulu instead.  Cheaper and I can wear it way more places.  Kind of loving it right now and have worn it way too much (not with shorts). 

  • The other way-too-expensive item I fell in love with?  This amazing purple dress:
Seriously, if I had ANYwhere to wear this thing to, I might have actually considered the $448 price tag.  Maybe. 

  • I've had my eye on this bag from Parker Clay for months.  As soon as it came back in stock, I jumped online and got it...and it was already one of only three left!  They go fast!  (The one I got is number 20 of 300 made.  AND it's hand made in my favorite spot: Ethiopia!)

  • I had to document this.  It was the second time in as many days that I got stopped at this exact spot when I was already running behind.  It had been months before this that I had to wait on a twice in two days was too much.  AND to make it worse, there were actually two trains - one going each direction.  One came through in the opposite direction right as the first one was about to end, so it was double painful.

  • The remnants of my lunch:  a green smoothy.  This is what I resort to eating (drinking?) when my mom isn't around to cook for me. 

  • Feeling pretty tan next to my sister, haha!

  • I always knew my brother would be a great dad - kids have always flocked to him - but it's so fun to watch him with his own son now.

(And I kind of love the little guy, too.       Okay, more than kind of...) 

  • It's been awhile since I had a foot update!  Nothing's changed, maybe that's why.  Still swollen, still discolored.   Siigghh....

  • When this cold front moved in, I really thought fall weather would be here to stay.  (I was wrong, but it was nice while it lasted.)

  • Are they not the cutest little siblings you've ever seen??
#luckiestauntever  -- for real
  • Oh IKEA.  While I've always loved you before - in other cities - now that you're in KC, I am boycotting you.  The fact that it took me over 45 minutes to get home the week you opened is ridiculous.  
(See all that red on the map?  That's leading directly to the exit where IKEA is...and where I drive by for work.)
I have not gone yet.  And I wont' go for at least a few more months when people quit freaking out over it. 
  • This sunrise was about to get really good.  And I could have made this picture work with some editing, but I took it on my way to an early morning track workout.  No waiting on the sun on those days...

  • I just though it was ironic that as I was driving through the "Flint Hills" of Kansas, it was completely flat.   Anyone else??

  • Wedding shower for my bestie from high school in Wichita.  (We all went to high school together...ya 13 years ago.)

  • After the shower, the girls got all dressed up in 80's gear to go out for the night.  Jaime and I drove back to KC, but it was hilarious enough just to watch them get ready.  A lot of spandex and neon!

  • Too much Tahoe gear on?  (TahoeMade Attire hoodie and Lake Tahoe sweatpants from Raileys in Incline Village)

  • Went to church with Jason and Kelli one Sunday morning.    
Is my hair too curly?? ^^                   Someone was happy to be out of there!^^

  • Since I got nothing out of that church service besides playing with the kids, I went over to Tony and Christa's and we watched church on the big projector screen (shower curtain) they had set up for Allie's birthday party the night before.

  • One of the best things about fall (besides jeans and hoodies) is the fall festivals all over!  I found some cute fall decor at this one in Hawthorne Plaza.

  • Just documenting the insects around my house:  bees and spiders

  • Been trying to get back in to running once a week or so.  It's been a rough go.  4 miles had me drenched in sweat!

  • I got a phone call from Hadley saying her "nail salon" was now open for business.  So I did what any good aunt would do and drove right down there to get my nails done.

She was very intense with the painting (and apparently ambidextrous), but I recommended a little more practice before going public.

  • I think my niece/nephew need a few more toys in the play room.  Don't you?? ;)

  • Sunset picture number 342 for the month:  
Taken from my front porch
  • Packing.  One of my least favorite activities.  Especially when you know there is no way in hell it's all fitting in your little carry on...

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