Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September iPhone Pics (the second half of the month)

  • Yeah, I'm obsessed with sunsets.  (There's like 3 more in this post alone. I can't help myself!)

  • A little evening jog on the first day of fall!  Can't wait for the leaves to start changing and the cooler temps.  Hellloooo jeans and hoodies. :)

  • This one is techincally a sunRISE.  (Also obsessed with.)     ~Funny story:  I noticed these hot pink clouds out the window of kitchen while I was making a smoothie.  So I did what any normal person would do, right?  I grabbed my iPhone and ran down the street...barefoot and without a shirt on...to get this picture.  Duh.

  • This kid like really loves his pb&j.  

  • This kid also does NOT love when I can't draw his trains the way he wants them.  He was literally out there rolling his eyes and lecturing me.  (Clearly he is his mothers creative / perfectionist child.)

  • The best part of this pictures is that when I got off after successfully pedaling, Hadley proudly proclaimed with a big smile, "Hey!  You fit on my bike!"      Ummmm, no.  I actually don't fit at all.  But thanks, that's nice of you...

(And yes, I'm wearing a skirt.  Classy, I know.)   ^^                                                                          

  • Just some cute pictures of Hudson and Hadley getting tossed in the air by their daddy.

(Hudson's face is seriously too cute)  ^^                                                                       

  • Another sunset pic!  How can I not document this kind of beauty??  I actually stopped in the middle of the street and took this through my dirty windshield.  (Only one car honked at me.)

  • I love the leaves changing in the fall, so when I saw Travel & Leasures "Best Towns for Fall Colors" article, I had to click on it.  But the fact that KC and Snowmass Village (basically Aspen, where I just was) are in the same category just can't be right...

  • A little Saturday morning Yoga at Athleta on the Plaza is always a good start to the weeekend.  (It's even better after an hour long killer workout at the track!)

  • This super soft sweatshirt showed up on my doorstep from a friend on the East Coast.  Fits perfect and made me laugh out loud.  Inside joke about livin' the easy life on the coast... Will make me smile every time I wear it.  (And did I mention it's super soft??) ;)

  • Bucket list.  These places are about to be added:

  • Went out dancing one Saturday night for a friend of a friends birthday party at Kanza.  We got there early to avoid the cover...and there were literally like 8 people in the whole place!

Which meant no one to dance with me!

Luckily the place filled up in a couple of hours, and we tore up the dance floor all night long!

This cowboy had some serious moves:

  • Craigslist score!  I love this old trunk - it's got some serious history (1821) and has Kansas City stamped on the top.  It is now in my room and full of all my workout stuff (so my room looks a little less like a home gym).

  • I have a problem with sitting still.  Sooooo I cut down a tree on a lazy Sunday -- with an old, dull saw from my miter box, that got stuck in the trunk approximately 37 times.

  • Cool looking cloud on Sunday evening on my way to the movies:

  • Heading home from the park and he was being so cute.  "TeeTee!!  No more pictures!!" 
Man do I love him... :)

  • Monday Night Football in KC!  Not only did the Chiefs break the world record for loudest stadium, but they also crushed the Patriots!  (Sorry, Tom.)

  • A little Monday night fun.  (NOT.)

  • Seriously.  It's September 30th.  Where's my fall weather...  86 degrees is not going to cut it.

  • I don't know, I just love this :)

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  1. umm obsessed with that trunk, your sunset pics and the quote at the bottom :) xo