Monday, October 6, 2014

Albuquerque: Llamas Del Sol

My mom's birthday present this year (way back in April) was a trip to Albuquerque to ride in a hot air balloon -- to check off one item from her bucket list.

Of course I agreed to go with her, but unfortunately, I pulled a muscle in my neck/back/shoulder the morning we were supposed to leave.

Worst.  Timing.  Ever.
Apparently my mom thought my pain was comical enough to take a picture!

My mom is NOT a seasoned traveler.  Like, at all.  

I got her set up with my iPad and headphones, and thanks to Southwest's free tv, she was a happy flyer the whole way to Albuquerque.

We picked up our sweet 2015 rental car (all touch screen and a knob to turn to put it in gear), and took off for Llamas Del Sol, my Airbnb find for the weekend!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the cutest, fattest litle corgie ever!

It took us awhile to actually find anyone who lived there - although all the doors were open, but once we got inside, the place was beautiful!

After a quick tour, we got right to it.  I was dying to see the LLAMAS!!

Frank (his wife Lynda was out of town) obliged and walked us over to the pasture where they were.  

I was maybe a little too eager to run up and hug them.  See the ears back?  She was not happy, haha.

They eventually came around, and we got to put leashes on them and walk them back to the house.


I didn't get spit on, and got to pet all of them, so it was a win for me.  
(Seriously, I was SO excited to meet them.  Highlight of the trip for me.)

Once we had our fill of llama fun, we found an excellent spot for dinner, Farm & Table.

Great atmosphere and great (local) food!

Crashed pretty early that night.  In a full size bed with my mom...who snores.  Sweet.

Saturday was the Hot Air Balloon Fest + a road trip to Taos.  
(See post HERE.)

Sunday morning, I got up early and went for a nice 5 mile jog.

When I got back to the house, my mom was outside feeding the llamas, so of course I joined in.

Frank said we could take them for a morning walk.    Yes, please!!

Suki wasn't so sure she wanted to go with me, but I won her over by letting her eat all the leaves off the trees. :)

I left the walk a little early and hit up the local Lululemon store for some free yoga.

Cleaned up back at the house, and were serenaded with some goodbye music! 

Such a cool place to stay if you are in the market in Albuquerque!
Had lunch and shopped a little before heading back to the airport.

Flight was delayed and by the time we made it to our connection in Denver, they were calling our name over the speaker for the "last call."  My poor mom, sprinting through the airport.  I literally thought she might have a heart attack! But we made it.  And made it home to KC late that night.  

Hope she enjoyed her little birthday weekend get-away (6 months late...or 6 months early, however you want to look at it.)

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