Friday, October 31, 2014

October iPhone Pics

  • Started the month off right with a killer sunset :)

Actually, I'll just get this over with up front.  
The whole month was full of killer sunsets (and some sunrises):

  • October was all about the KC Royals.  Our workouts were even Royals themed!

  • I learned how to fix a toilet by taking it completely apart, only to realize I only needed a simple little tool for the handle.  Oh well, now I know how they work!

  • Enrique Iglesias / Pitbull concert at Sprint Center!!!!!!!


Enrique = SO SEXY

  • I managed to mess up my shoulder working out one morning, and all I can say is thank goodness for chiropractor friends!  Dr. Sara got me in right away (like, in 30 minutes) and had me feeling better in no time!

Rock tape for the win!

  • I took Hunter to Target with me one evening, and Christa failed to mention that you have to keep him in the cart or he runs around like a little mad man!  

The only way I could control him was to bribe him with a new car and Lucky Charms for dinner.
(You're welcome, Christa.)

  • My lunch when work gets busy:

  • Quarter-end processing at work:

Turned big piles in to smaller piles in to envelopes in my car.

  • My Kate Spade bracelets from Angie.  It says "LIFE FULLY"  Love it :)

  • Hunter fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport, so my mom used one of my headbands to hold his head up!!  I couldn't stop laughing...

  • This picture does not do it justice.  This was the biggest apple I've ever seen!

  • New addition to my life:  Sonos speakers in my bathroom.  I'm seriously obsessed with them.

  • I've been trying to do something with my bedroom furniture for awhile now.  I took down the big hutch/mirror thing on top of the dresser and replaced it with a mirror Christa painted, and changed out the hardware.  Still don't like it though...

  • I've looked at more furniture this month than I care to remember, but I think this set might be the winner:

  • Cutest siblings ever?                Yeah, I think they're in the running!

  • Supporting the Royals with all my KC gear this month!

  • Hadley and Hudson had birthdays a week apart.  I was a little late, but I got some presents down to them.  

Hadley got you know what that means.  

Mani AND pedi time for me!

Glitter all the way to my knuckle...

  • After my second wedding weekend in as many weeks, I needed some detox.  A short run and the healthiest smoothie ever for dinner had me headed back in the right direction.

  • 84 degrees in mid-October??   Hey I'm not complaining!

  • Carved pumpkins with the kids the week before Halloween!  Hunter wanted me to carve "dog poop" but thankfully he lost all interest in pumpkin carving when he saw what he had to clean out of the inside of them.

So I ended up with a KC instead.  (Christa made me a stencil, of course.)

  • Getting geared up for my trip to Moab, Utah next month!

  • I think I need this printed off for my travel room...

  • Fall finally hit in KC.  My favorite time of year!

  • Hunter spent his birthday (Oct. 29th) at a pumpkin patch with my mom, and he picked out this pumpkin for me with a heart on it.  I died.  (I'm sure my mom actualy picked it out, but he still gave it to me and said it was for me...and my heart definitely still melted.)

Tony and Christa were at Game 7 of the World Series that night, so I got Hunter for a sleep over!  

After shopping for some new toys, we went to dinner at Fritz's Train Station.

Birthday FaceTime:

  • Whole Foods lunch date on a warm October afternoon:

  • My new watch purchases for the month:

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