Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Recap: Wichita Wedding

One of my BFF's from high school got married in Wichita 
and I was honored to play the part of bridesmaid on her special day!

Friday night drive from KC to Wichita (where I missed the rehearsal!)

Hair appointment bright and early Saturday morning.  

I gave the stylist the pic on the left...I wanted a messy side braid.  

And I ended up with the pic on the right. there really a braid in there?  

(There is...somewhere.  She definitely nailed the messy part!)

After lunch and football watching, we went to the venue - Scottish Rite Center - to finish getting ready.

The bride getting in her dress!
 The afternoon entailed a lot of waiting.  Followed by more waiting. 

(It takes 6 girls a long time to get ready!)

The wedding went off without a hitch, and in no time at all we had Mr. & Mrs. Porter!

The party started immediately.  

A cup of Apple Pie Moonshine and a PARTY.BUS.

I can't wait to see the pictures the photographers got at the locations we stopped at.  
(And the ones from the bus, of course...)

We were gone about an hour and a half.  Came back to the dinner/reception...and DANCE.

That moonshine had me feeling pretty good.  Clearly.  
Gettin.  Down.
 The bridesmaids had a little surprise dance to "Free Your Mind" for the bride.  

For not EVER rehearsing it and learning it the day before the wedding, 
I think it went okay.  Kind of.

(Video here.)

We danced until around 11, and then headed to the bars.  

Since I was the only sober one (the half a glas of Moonshine I had at 6pm had worn off by then) I got to drive....8 people.  Please note that two of the people in the picture below are actually sitting IN car seats.  Like car seats for babies.  No joke. 

We didn't last long at the bars, which I was okay with.

I drove the bride and groom back to the hotel, and their song was playing in the lobby.  
So they danced to it, of course!

Drunk and dancing at 1am on their wedding night.  Love it.
 It took Jaime and I approximately 20 minutes to get all 8,000 bobby pins out of our hair.  

Oh and my dress?  Yeah, that ended up in the trash can at the hotel.  The zipper got stuck and I was so over being in it by that point that I just quit dealing with it and ripped it off.  The picture is pretty good, but not quite blog appropriate, haha.

$160 for about 10 hours of wear time.  That's not good...

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