Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Recap: Colorado (again)

Quick little weekend getaway to Colorado:

Breakfast with this guy under my feet.  Hoping for a crumb. 

Gorgeous fall weather.  Gorgeous drive through the mountains. 

Waterfalls at Rifle Falls State Park (from every angle possible). 

A little dirt biking adventure (with a very patient instructor)...

(You have to watch this video to understand the patience part...)

...followed by amazing sushi for dinner...

...and of course a perfect Colorado sunset. 

A night in the hot tub with this view: 


Woke up to this view:

Whole Foods picnic on the river:

A little hike to Mushroom Rock:

Delicious dinner outside by the fire: 

And another airport.

Leaving Denver and landing in KC:

Battle wounds from the weekend:

Colorado definitely gets the #whydontilivehere nomination.

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