Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap: Football + More Football

With my friend, Shannon, in town from San Fran, I had to show her a good time.

That meant football on Saturday, followed by more football on Sunday.  

After sleeping in, running some errands and shopping, we hopped in the car with another friend of mine (Mike) for the 2 hour drive down to Manhattan for the K-State vs Oklahoma State football game.

First stop:  Aggieville, of course

(That guy must be a really big fan...)

Shannon had been to Manhattan twice...and eaten at So Long Saloon twice.  We branched out a little this time and tried a Mexican place connected to it, so I could still get my favorite appetizer from there. :)

Mike dropped us off pretty close to the stadium while he went to park my car.  Such a gentleman. ;)
Selfie as soon as we got dropped off.  SO excited to be there. :)

It was cold.  I mean, really cold.  The snuggie definitely went on while we waited for Mike to get there and get us our free tickets!  (Perk of being a high school football coach / ex-player.)

Got in to the stadium just as the band was finishing and the team was running out. 

My favorite part of the game. ;)

Mike scored some pretty sweet 4th row seats for us, so we got to see the action up close and personal.

NO idea what the guy on the left was wearing, but I bet he was warm!
And Sean Lowe from The Bachelor (K-state grad!) and his wife were at the game!

Shan and I went up to shop and warm up at the end of the first quarter...

I ended up with a new scarf and some new sweatpants.  Out of necessity, of course. Not just because I liked them.

By the end of the third quarter, my foot was swollen from standing on it too long.  Enter Shannon to the rescue.  She made me sit down, prop it up, and she massaged it until it felt better.  Seriously, she might be the sweetest, most caring person I've ever met...

Foot massage at a football game?  Sure, why not.
We talked Mike in to leaving early since the game was a blow-out and we were freezing.  Shannon was in the snuggie by that point, and oh the looks she got as we walked all the way up to the top were just priceless...

One pic by the field before we left...

And this is when we discovered just how far away Mike had to park the car and why it took him so long to get back to us before the game...  

We walked to a parking lot I didn't even know existed...through a sewer system...and kept on going.  A mile at least.  At least.

This was the view of the stadium from where he parked.  Didn't even know you could park that far away, haha. ;)

 2 hour drive home...  Mike slept in the back seat, while Shannon talked to keep me awake.

Back at the house, Shannon was still so cold she refused to take her beanie off...even in bed!
Cali girl can't handle the Kansas cold. ;)


Sunday morning while unpacking the car and the bags I took to Manhattan, I discovered Mike's wat he had left it in the bottom of my bag.  So I text him this pic and said I was taking his watch on an adventure for the day. 

And that adventure was... to Arrowhead stadium to watch the Chiefs!

We decided at 11:50 that we should go to the game.  The game that kicked off at 12:10. 

Shannon worked her magic on StubHub to find us two tickets for $15 each, and I worked my magic of driving like a bat out of hell to get us to the stadium.

Somehow (I still don't know how) we were in our seats before 12:30. 

The weather was perfect, and Shannon got to check another NFL stadium off her list.

The guy next to me had on red shoes almost as cool as mine, 
and Mike got another picture of his watch at the stadium.

Windy (okay really windy) but still a nice day for some football!

After the game (we left a little early to beat some traffic) we went up north to Zona Rosa.  Had some dinner and shopped a little before dropping Shannon off at the airport.

Got to enjoy this view of the sunset on the drive back home.

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