Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 4 - Iceland to Sweden

It's been a long travel day!

Alarm went oft at 5:15am.  Mundi got up and made me breakfast: salmon (raw) on bread with some sort of sauce on it.  I was actually a little scared to eat it but it was delicious!  I was surprised! :)

Out the door for the airport by 6am.  Going to miss this guy!  

Mundi was truly the best host anyone could ask for :)

The airport isn't very big so I had plenty of time to eat breakfast (more yogurt!) and shop some.  I somehow talked myslef out of buying the 66 degrees north stuff, thank goodness.  It was so expensive!  My hand made wool sweater is good enough. :)

Flight took off on time and was pretty uneventful.  3 hours from Keflavik to Stockholm.  No one next to me and I slept most of the way.  

Sun coming up over Stockholm 

2 hour layover in Stockholm and I somehow managed to skip the immigration and customs line - still havent figured out how I did that - and walked from the international terminal through a tunnel and to the domestic terminal.  Had to stop and ask once where I was going - its a big airport!  

Shopped a little (didnt buy anything, but have my eye on some raindeer skins), found a good fruit smoothie, and sat down to charge my phone and write.  No one even looked at my passport once today.  Not when I left Iceland and not when I got to Sweden!  Also got through security at the domestic terminal with my shoes on and a full water bottle.  Interesting. ;)

The layover went by quickly and soon I was off from Stockholm to Kiruna, the nothern most town in Sweden.  It was about an hour and a half flight, and I slept again.  Thet jet lag hasn't worn off yet I guess.

I was shocked when we landed in Kiruna.  It was like linding in a white forest!  Trees and snow everywhere.  And man was it COLD!

Tommy, my couchsurfing host, was waiting for me just inside the door and whisked me off for a quik tour of Kiruna.  We saw the ski slope and the mine, the main town circle, and THE ICE HOTEL!  I mean it's not completely built yet, but he drove me to it and I at least got to see it.  Looked pretty cool from the outside!

Stopped at a grocery store quickly to get some stuff for diner, and then went to his apartment.  He cooked moose his dad shot, and some local potatoes and vegetables.  It was all delicious!

He has a big nice apartment, and I get my own room here - bed and all!  Most Europoean apartments are pretty small, but not this one.  He even has a giant projector screen on his wall in the family room and huge speakers.  Its like being in a cinema or theater or something!

Sat around after dinner and chatted and tried to figure out what I'm going to do this week while I'm here.  He has to work every day (1pm to 10pm) so I'm on my own.

Thinking about a train trip to Narvik, Norway tomorrow and dog sledding on Wednesday.  Maybe some shopping for a reindeer skin somewhere in there...who knows.  Its supposed to snow here tomorrow and maye Tuesday so there goes my Northern LIghts chance!  What a bust, haha.  Oh well - at least my time in Iceland was amazing and Sweden probably will be, too.

It's 8pm now and all I want to do is go to bed, but Tonmy thinks we should go northern light hunting tonight. I don't know if I can keep my eyes open long enough but we'll see... :)

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