Sunday, November 30, 2014

November iPhone Pics

The month of November flew by.  With a trip out to Utah the beginning of the month (which I haven't even posted about yet!) and a big trip to Iceland and Sweden at the end of the month, I didn't have much else on my phone.

(Per the norm, Hunter dominated the pictures...)
  • Here he is in time out for screaming.  He has to put his nose on the wall and count to 10.  It's about the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

  • As I was driving home for lunch one day, I randomly pulled up next to my mom and Hunter at a stop light!  They were going to my house, too, so I drove beside them.  Hunter just loved it and was squealing and waving.

  • Hunter likes to feed the dogs.  But he only gives them ONE kernel of food at a time.  Deuce got tired of that real quick and went for the food bowl herself.

  • As usual, Kansas City had some gorgeous sunsets/sunrises this month:

  • We got our first snow!  Although the light dusting we got was a far cry from the few inches the weather man predicted...

Snow on my deck...that melted in an hour.

  • My Lonely Planet (I swear by them) Iceland book came in the  mail and I started planning out what I wanted to do and see in that country.  (Also trying to learn how to convert Fahrenheit to celcius so I know what's going on there!)

  • My sweet sister-in-law picked this little pencil sharpener globe up for me at a craft fair.  I love it and found the perfect spot for it on my desk at work. :)

  • I let Hunter have Nerds candy for dinner.  I think being an aunt is the best,  but I'm pretty sure his parents don't always love the things I let this kid get away with... ;)

  • I went out dancing at Kanza Hall with two of my three roommates one Friday night.  That place is always a good time.  For the people watching if nothing else!

  • This picture had to be documented.  This was my moms reaction right after I told her I was couchsurfing in Europe the following week.  Hahaha.  She has no idea how many nice, fun people there are out there in the world.  She just thinks everyone is out to murder her baby! ;)

  • Since I was going to miss Thanksgiving this year (traveling) I got my pumpkin pie early.  And I ate the whole thing in two days...

  • I had to wake Hunter up early from his nap to take him back home.  Poor little guy was so tired he just let me cuddle with him in the chair for a long time when we got there.  Sleeping baby (or toddler) snuggles are the best. :)

  • I went down town to the Kansas City Farmers Market to do some Christmas shopping early Saturday morning.  Found a few good things, and supported the local economy at the same time! 

  • I missed this little guy while I was in Europe, so shortly after I got back, we had a date night:  dinner and shopping at IKEA!

The best part of IKEA for Hunter was pushing this cart around...

  • Went for an early morning run one Sunday and it was much colder than anticipated.  I had to go back for my fancy touch-screen gloves, which I aboslutely love.  I mean, who wants to try and pull gloves off and on to change songs on your phone while you're running!? ;)

  • IKEA.  It's a love / hate relationship.  I always love their stuff when I'm at the store and love how cheap it is.  But then I hate it when I get it all home and actually have to assemble everything!

Let's be honest, the stuff is cheap for a reason.   Look at these nails!  They were so weak I bent over half of them, and finally gave up and just let them be bent.  
(They're in the back.  They don't show.)

Finished product:  two new nighstands that Christa is going to paint to look like suitcases!  We found some old suitcase hardware (handles and latches) online to make it look more real.

So excited to see the finished product!  

  • Two days after I got back from Sweden, this is what was going on in the skies back there:  
I'm fairly certain this photo is edited and not really what it looked like...

Why couldn't that have been in the sky when I was there!?  Oh well - I guess I'll just have to go back to see the bright green and purple dancing Northern Lights...  (Back to Iceland, that is...)

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