Friday, November 14, 2014

Moab, Utah

(Since it's now January and I'm just getting around to posting is the super short picture version of a weekend in Moab.)

Flew in to Grand Junction, CO and drove to Moab, UT

Sunset on the drive:

Next morning:

Like super early 4am the next morning -- hiked int he dark to see sunrise at Mesa Arch:

Got there almost an hour early and were still too late for a good spot.  All the photographers had it blocked with their fancy equipment.

Didn't stop me from running across the arch for a picture of my own.  They can't get all the good ones! ;)

Ate breakfast back in Moab and then drove to Arches National Park for more hiking:

Delicate Arch on the Primitive Trail at Arches National Park:

Saw about 20 other arches on that 8 mile hike:


Delicate Arch for sunset:

Next morning:

More driving and hiking through Arches National Park

Off to the airport in Grand Junction that night:

Waiting for my next flight in Denver:

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