Monday, August 31, 2015

August iPhone Pics

  • The month of August started out with a trip to Oceans of Fun with these two cuties:

I did my best to go on the rides with Hadley, but I was just a little too big for this one:

Poor Hud went from splashing to napping in no time.

  • Another date night with Hadley.  I had to take my car in for an oil change, and she was just itching to get out of the house, so came with me.  While the care was being serviced, we walked to Burlington Coat Factory to walk around, where she decided she needed to pretend she was a baby in the crib.  And being the cool aunt I am, I hoisted her right in there. ;)  A little McDonalds ice cream ended the date.

  • Sidewalk chalk art with Hunter.  He later sunk my boat and colored over all my fish. 

  • Music is Hadley's thing.  She loves the drums, but I'm trying to persuade her to the guitar.

  •  I put the finishing touches on a little mini-kitchenette area downstairs.  Mini-fridge, shelves with some dishes, and a hot plate to make it functional. 

  • Seriously.  I can't believe THESE are the new My Little Pony dolls!

  • Hudson is officially potty trained.  And he has the cutest (and tiniest) little undies I've ever seen.

  • August BirchBox.  I actually took this picture to send to the company because one of the samples I got wasn't on the list.  They swamped out some body butter with a sample I actually wanted. But I ended up being too lazy to send it back...

  • My mom leaves the garage door cracked at her house so the dogs can get some fresh air and see out.  I'm not sure why she doesn't just open it all the way - because they can definitely get out if they want to.

  • I'm planning an epic European trip for a friend of mine.  And now I have the itch to go with him!

  • Sunset on my way to the airport to pick up Scott.  I think my car can probably drive itself out there, as many times as I've been the past 4 months.

  • We had some fun with the bow and arrow at Tony's.  Let's just say Scott and I need some practice on our aim.  He lost two arrows, and I didn't even hit the target from about 5 feet away.

  • After our Belize/Mexico/Cuba vacation, our first meal back was a big 'ole salad.  It's always so hard to find a good salad when I'm traveling!

Picnic at Antioch Park:

  • We finally got a Royals game in while Scott was still here.  Baseball isn't really my favorite thing to watch, but it was fun to make it out to a game to support the home team!

Lunch date at Jun's Sushi!

  •  Disaster Response Vehicle.  That's been in my moms driveway after the basement caught fire this month.  Disaster is right.  The basement is done for and almost everything upstairs is ruined from smoke damage.  Going to be a long, long process before we get to move back in. Hotel living for the win! 

You can't touch anything in the house without getting black soot on you.

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