Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 5: Cancun --> Havana (CUBA!)

Hairy black tongue from Pepto last night

Walked one block to beach for less-than-thrilling sunrise

Sea grass ALL over - piles of it

Packed up and drove to town square in Puerto Morelos - found little organic breakfast spot.

Did pull ups at playground across the street while we waited for the delicious food.

Drove to Cancun, returned rental car -- and the disaster started at the airport

Didn't have anywhere close to enough cash for flights.

ATMs declined us - all of them, on all of our cards.  Called bank to release hold, but turns out it was the local ATM's fault.

Had to take cash advances on credit cards from money exchange window (FEES!)

FINALLY - two hours later - got our flights and Cuba tourist visas.

Got some snacks before boarding.
Nicest non-private plane I've been on.

Who knew you had to fly to CUBA from MEXICO to get a nice, clean plane and some leg room!  Even in the very last row!

Debacle at Cuban immigration... Mis-communication landed me with a big hot-pink stamp in my passport.

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