Monday, May 13, 2013

30th Birthdays

We celebrated a couple of big 30th birthdays last week.  My sister-in-law, Christa, on May 4th and then Matt on May 8th.  (I'll join them in the 30 club next month.)

Christa had a painting party - of course.  Miss Artsy Crafty.  I'm the worlds worst painter and have negative artistic abilities, but she assured me this painting class would be a good time.  And she was definitely right, despite my nervousness.   

We went to Thirsty Palette in Leawood where they give you the canvas and the paint and then a teacher stands up front and instructs you on how to mix colors and do the chosen painting of the night.   We did the 'Cotton Candy Tree' and it seriously was so fun -- and mine actually turned out decent!  The finished product is now hanging in my closet.

(Allie's was my favorite one out of the whole class)

I've already been eyeing the Thirsty Palette calendar and scheduled paintings to pick out some to go back for!  Such a cool concept and so fun.  I mean, if they can help ME get a normal looking painting, there's hope for anyone!


On Christa's actual birthday, we went to dinner at - you guessed it - Will Jenny's with her family and then went out for some drinks and dancing at Kanza Hall.  One of the best 'people watching' nights I've had in awhile, haha.  Some creepy old guy even bought me a drink!  None of us go out much, so it was a really fun time!

Dinner at Will Jennys                                          Drinks at Kanza Hall

Enjoying watching all the line dancers!

We had a bout of unseasonably cold weather last week, too.  So while Matt was in Las Vegas on his annual 'guys trip' enjoying THIS (poolside)...

I was in Kansas in THIS (snow).    What the... ?? 


Since Vegas wasn't enough of a birthday celebration for Matt, we still had 'birthday week' back here.  I woke him up on his birthday with breakfast in bed.  I'm not going to lie, I spent some serious time on thinking this one out (I had a 'blueprint' for goodness sake), and I was pretty proud of the finished product: 

(Should I mention the syrup was MOLDY and ruined the entire breakfast??)

That night we went to one of his favorite restaurants, Port Fonda, with his brother and roommate.  They all just love that place.  Followed that up with some frozen yogurt and drinks back at the house, and they were all about to pop. (Oh, and a Spurs win.  That really made the birthday a good one.)

Friday night, the celebration continued.  We went to La Bodega, which is where Matt took me on our first date.  I don't know why we haven't been back since because we both love it. (Forgot to take any pics!) 

And then the final birthday celebration was at Justus Drugstore in Smithville on Saturday night.  It is hands down the best food either of us have had in the KC area.  Our reservation was at 6:30pm and we didn't leave until almost 10pm.  3.5 hours for dinner?  Must be good!

I took lots of pictures, but I couldn't tell you what half of the stuff was.  It's the most unique combinations of odd things that all taste just wonderful.  My entree was short ribs and Matt had a steak, but all the other stuff...who knows. We'll just call it amazingly delicious. :)

Short rib over sweet potato puree // Steak with grilled lettuce and ??

Oh, and Matt had a few drinks to help him through the night, haha.  I think a good portion of our bill was spent on these...

So many, in fact, that I convinced him to go to Mosaic at P&L after dinner.  We never EVER go out downtown, but hey, you only turn 30 once, right? 

(Holding up 5 fingers for his 5th drink of the night...)                                             

It actually was a pretty fun night!  

Some drinking.  Some dancing.  Some people watching.

Well, a fun night for me anyways.  Matt's ended half clothed and crumpled up in a ball on top of the bed (not in it), haha!  We're clearly getting too old to go out partying!


Speaking of turning the big 3-0, our REAL birthday celebration is a trip - of course.  Traveling is our favorite thing to do, so that's what we got ourselves for our birthdays -- 10 days in Portugal and Spain!  We leave this Friday and I could NOT be more excited for it!

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