Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 9: Ibiza

Well, we didn't wake up until 10:45 this morning. And even then, I could of slept a lot longer. 4am bed times are not cool. Didn't really get moving too quickly and finally made it out the door about 12:15 in search of food and more beaches. 

Drove in to town just a couple of blocks further and found a little pastry shop on the corner. Orange juice, water, yogurt, and two croissants for breakfast. Ate in the car on the side of the road because there wasn't anyplace to sit in there - it was just a store. Oh, has to buy a giant package of napkins too because he didn't have any!

We set off for a beach called Calle d'Hort - the nice girl at the rental check in desk at the airport said it was her favorite. With a giant map full of beaches around every turn, we needed her help. 

Took some time to get there - maybe 30 minutes or so. It was in the southwest corner of the island. Drove through the country and eventually down a dirt road again and pulled up to this:

Just a gorgeous beach with rock cliffs around it. Loved it. Spent an hour or so there laying out and relaxing. Just what we needed. Some chick came and laid next to us and took her top off as we were getting ready to leave. 

Then when we were leaving, we walked by the more popular beach down the way and everyone had their tops off! I think I was more intrigued than Matt, haha!

Drove around more and checked out another beach. Cruising around the gorgeous island was actually one of the highlights of the island for me!

Decided we needed a nap out of the sun, so headed through Sant Josep and then on to Ibiza. Have NOT figured out how the stupid roundabouts work here. Not like they do in the US, that's for sure. So messed up, and they're literally everywhere. 

Wanted food so after driving around some, ended up at the same place we did yesterday. Gusto gusto. More pasta and fruit smoothies. So good! And discovered they have clean bathrooms and free wifi!

Gusto Gusto

On the walk back, I happened to notice a diffuser in a salon window. I've been looking for a good new one for awhile now, and it was exactly what I e been looking for. And only 10 euros! So I bought it. Now to find a place in my bag for it...

After we ate, we decked to try and find the nightclub we were going to later called Ushuaia. We had a hard time just finding the address, and then Matt's ridiculous phone literally sent us through a neighborhood and then a dirt path to get to it. No joke. And it didn't even take us to the right place - we had to stop and ask for better directions and then found it on our way.  Actually really close to our hotel. 

Back to the room for naps. We slept from 5:45 to 7:30 and neither of us really wanted to get up even then! But the nightclub we paid 80 Euros per ticket for had already opened at 1pm! We thought it ended a midnight so we wanted to at least get some partying in!

After the drive by we knew we didn't have to be too dressed up. I wore my sequin "Vegas" skirt and black sandals instead of heels. Quick drive over to that crazy part of town, and there were cars and people everywhere. Eventually found a parking spot down a dirt road and walked up to the madness. Lucky for us, being a female helps out in Ibiza just like in Vegas. There was a giant line of people waiting to get in, but a guy grabbed me and pushed me another direction. No line at all. The group of six dudes beside me had to wait in the line. 

Turned out they weren't missing much in our opinion. The same music as the night before. It's just like a never ending carousel. The music never goes up or down. Everyone just stands there doing their little European shuffle. Couldn't believe it. I mean the stage was cool, there were performers and lights and all that. But there were also several thousand young people who were either so drunk they could barely walk, or drugged out. Just not my scene at all! Hate to say it, because we were both SO pumped for this, but we were both very disappointed. It was just too much for us and we actually left after 2.5 hours. We didn't even get there until 8:45 and we left around 11:15. And about 30 minutes of that time was spent waiting in line for a bathroom.  We did manage to push - literally - ourselves out closer to the stage so we could see what was going on, and the Italian girl we started talking to - you're literally touching - said we needed to "go get a little drug" to enjoy the show.  ??

Anyways, it was a cool experience I guess, but too much drugs (made us a little uncomfortable) and not a fan of the European style of music I guess. Very different sound than what I love in Vegas. I mean, just DROP THE BEAT!  It's like they never do.  It's just continuous...  Plus way more expensive to come here then Vegas, haha. 

     As close as we could get to the stage

So we went looking for food. Walked up and down the busy road by Ushaia but nothing looked good - and I was freezing cold. Got back in the car and ended up at a little pizza place close to our hotel. Had a quick pizza and came back to the room for bed. Probably for the better that we didn't stay out all night. We only have one day in Madrid tomorrow and I would prefer to be awake to see some of it. :)

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