Friday, May 31, 2013

May Phone Dump

The majority of pictures on my phone during the month of May were from our trip to Portugal and Spain.  (Like, a thousand.  Who takes that many pictures in 10 days!?)  Anyways - here is a glimpse at the rest of the month of May...

  • Mother's Day brunch at Pegah's.  Hunter wanted no part of the photo shoot afterwards, but we did manage to get one decent one. 

  • Random Hunter pics.  There are alot of them.  I have to share at least some! 
Air-Hunter.  The kids love to hang on stuff.

Helping Daddy with the mowing.
  • My dogs.  They were still lazy during the month of May.  Shocking.

  • Grilling out and enjoing the nice Spring weather.
How many guys does it take to determine if the chicken is cooked?

  • "10 Beer Dinner" at Beer Kitchen, one of our favorite restaurants in Westport.  The guys only brought me along for a DD and 10 extra beers.  I got a free meal out of it, so I won't complain.

  • New running shoes ordered.  The marathon training continues.

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