Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dog 'N Jog

Just like last year, Matt and I were participants in the annual Dog 'n Jog benefiting the KC Humane Society.   The whole event is just too much fun to pass up...

So we got up early and loaded up the dogs for the plaza.  They were excited.  I wonder if they knew where we were going or just pumped for a car ride?

It was a beautiful morning, and I couldn't help but smile as Willow and Cricket pulled us up to the dog block party.

Blue skies + lots of happy dogs = perfect morning

The streets were lined with stalls and booths passing out everything from informational fliers to free dog treats.  We walked along and ooohed and aaahed at all the adorable dogs.  I think we're going to end up with a pug and/or french bull dog at some point...

And when we got to the end of the street...there it was.  Just what my dogs had been waiting for.  THE BABY POOL.  Oh were they happy...

While all of the other dogs just drank out of the pool, my dogs BOTH got in and tried to swim.  No joke.  They squeezed in there, laid down, and started clawing/splashing at the water.  And just like last year, everyone loved it - snapping pictures and laughing at my crazy dogs.

We didn't get there too early, and we hadn't registered yet, so by the time we did all of that, it was time to head to the start line for our 1 mile run.  But not before Willow did "her business" and took a #2 right in front of the registration stand.  No shame.  I guess it's better than in the middle of the street during the race like last year? 

(I honestly think it's nerves/anxiousness.  Maybe I shouldn't take her next year?)

The best pic I could get.  It's impossible to get two dogs to look at the camera with so many distractions (IE other dog butts to sniff).

Waiting at the starting line
And we're off!
The race very slow jog went pretty smoothly for the first half-mile.  I think Willow and Cricket enjoyed trotting along and looking at all the other dogs, and they were keeping up with the pack for the most part.

(Photo from the event photographer)


(Photo from the event photographer)

But the second half-mile was another story.  Apparently my very out-of-shape Willow is just not a runner.  I literally drug her (gently!) for the last part of the race.

(Can I just say here that I got dogs in the first place to run with  me?  Willow had hip surgery before she was a year old - so she's out - and Cricket is just awful on a leash and too distracted.  So much for that brilliant idea.) 

See the leash(me) pulling her collar  up over her head in the pic?   Yea, she was done.

I thought she was going to trip on her own tongue it was hanging so far out.

I don't remember what we were doing here?  Waiving for the camera maybe??

Their tongues.  Seriously.

Matt had a little better luck with Cricket.  She didn't seem to literally be dying anyways...

Cricket still going strong coming up on the finish line!

We were all excited to be done with that...        (Photos from event photographer)

After the race, it was straight to the first water bowl they could find.  Willow eventually just collapsed around it and laid her head in it. 

Come on...it was only a mile!  Maybe I should walk them a little more??

Once Willow could pull herself away from the water bowl, they headed straight back to the baby pool for another dip.  Seriously.  You'd think they just ran a marathon...

I still had a lot of fun.  Not sure the same can be said for the dogs, haha.  Actually, I think they enjoyed getting out and about and socializing with the other dogs, but would have been happier with just a half mile jog.

Next year, I think I'll either have to get them in a little better shape, or just bring Cricket!

My Instagram pics from the #dognjog:


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  2. Oh my gosh- this is so cute. :) I love the pups, what a fun event! :)