Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Phone Dump

  • Lunch at Panera with an old college friend.  Life-long friends really are the best. (Can't believe I didn't take one pictures of us!)

  • Lemonade Stands.  Matt absolutely can not pass one up.  This particular one, however, he probably should have.  Despite the sign saying glasses are only 25 cents, he only got 50 cents change out of a $5 bill.  And had to do some talking to even get that much back, hahaha!  Clearly these girls needed some help with counting change back... Oh well, at least Hunter enjoyed it!

  • Tuesday night family dinners.  They're my favorite.  And by "family dinner" I really mean I just invite myself over to be part of their family for free dinner ever week.  Either way, sometimes Allie gets fancy and sets the table and makes name plates.  I always get to sit right by her.  My favorite girl in the world. :) 

Right where I want to be.

  • Riley Jo (the dog) already knows exactly who to sit under at the dinner table.

  • Marathon training continues.  I pretty much ran a half marathon every Saturday this month.  Ugh.  On the up side, this is about the best shape I've ever been in!

  • Goliath the giant mastiff.  Matt's roommates parents dog.  I scratched and scratched her belly - which got her leg going -  and wore her out at Sunday night dinner.
  • Trampoline time always follows Tuesday night dinners.  I'm not sure if the parent or kids enjoy it more.  They're all going to be sad when summer is over though, that's for sure.
Hunter can officially JUMP now, and has the cutest facial expression when he gets his little feet off the mat!
  • Saturdays with Hunter.  Every other Saturday (usually) I get to babysit Hunter.  He tested out he dog food and played on the stove.  I'd say that should get me nominated for Aunt of the Year, for sure!

  • Late birthday presents.  They're totally the best.  I got an unexpected package in the mail the week after my birthday.  The perfect necklace to remind me of my favorite spot.  A pine-cone (I've recently become obsessed with the ones in Tahoe, and a charm in the exact color of Lake Tahoe - which also happens to be my favorite color.  Love love LOVE it.
  • I'm a sucker.  This author was selling his book at Barnes & Noble.  I felt bad and bought it for my niece for her birthday.  Maybe she'll think it's cool since the author wrote a note in it to her?  Here's hoping...
  • I'm also cheap.  I actually took pictures of just the certain pages in a book that I wanted.  (A travel book for my trip to India next month.)  But then I felt bad and ended up buying that book, too. 

  • More running.  Enough said. (Going for distance over time on these runs. Don't judge the pace! ;) )

  • Park visit.  My mom and I took my niece, Hadley, to the park for some afternoon fun.  My mom did the work.  I sat on the ground and pretended to be a bird that Hadley continually fed wood chips too.  Awesome.

  • Shawnee Mission Dog Park.  The first dog park visit of the summer!  The dogs LOVED swimming and playing fetch with the tennis ball.  Hadley, however, wasn't too impressed.  And the walk back was just too of course she ended up on my shoulders.  Now that was more fun.

  • Unleashed Pet Rescue.  I just happened to drive by this place, which is near my work.  I called, and ended up at a volunteer orientation meeting that week.  I haven't had a chance to get in there yet to actually help out with the animals.  But I am definitely looking forward to it!

Puppies that needed fostering.  SO hard to say no to those faces.
  • Lunch Date with my mom AND boyfriend.  Isn't he lucky, haha.  Hey, it was free lunch.  I don't remember what was going on in this picture, but let's just say that my mom isn't the best picture taker on the 'ole iPhone yet...
  • Insanity workouts.  I've been doing them once or twice a week as my cross-training days instead of running.  Well my mom thought she might enjoy trying one. That lasted all of 30 seconds in to the warm-up.  I thought the poor woman was going to have a heart attack.  Shortly after this picture, she called Shaun-T (the instructor in the videos) a "jack ass" -- which is about as much profanity that ever comes out of my mothers mouth.  I could hardly even do the workout for laughing so hard at her!

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