Monday, July 15, 2013

Spoiled Rotten

On a recent Friday night, my mom and I watched Hunter for a couple of hours. 

Here is a short recap of the evenings events:
"Look!  I found some cars to play with!"

"Ooh!  This wagon is nice, too!"

"But I really like this shopping cart!"
(as he pushed it aaalllll through the store)

Gram says it's time to put the shopping cart away and leave. 

All.  Hell. Breaks. Loose.

"NOOOOOO!!!!"  (crying and screaming bloody murder - for real)
 Insert Aunt Terri to save the day. 

"Go ahead, Hunter.  You want your shopping cart!?  Aunt Terri will buy it for you!"

He promptly gets the cart again, gives Gram a dirty look, and walks off.

I'm dying laughing.  She's pissed.

"Thanks goodness Aunt Terri gives me whatever I want."

He's happy again.  Pushing the shopping cart to the front to pay.

Still content, pushing the shopping cart to the car.

Gram says no walking in the parking lot.  Cars are dangerous.

Tantrum number 2...

...complete with arching back, clawing, and screaming -- and real tears!

All the while, I'm just dying laughing and snapping pictures. 

I got a couple of "looks" from Gram this time.

Still screaming as she tries to buckle him in while holding the shopping cart. 

Gram yanks it away and throws it in the back. 


I get the cart out of the back and hand it to him.
I'm not about to listen to that the whole way home.

The kids just wants his shopping cart!  Let him have it! 

He kept a death grip on it the whole way.  Wouldn't let go of it for anything...

...except for to give Gram a dirty little grin like, "Take THAT, Gram!"

He still liked it when we got home.  For all of 5 minutes...

How could I ever say no to that face??

 ... until he found lightning bugs to squish. 
Even better than the shopping cart!

For the record, Hunter really isn't a spoiled rotten little boy -- I just do my best to give him whatever he wants no matter what, haha.  Tony and Christa (and now Gram) say they're going to get me back when I have my own kids.  But until then, I'll just keep spoiling this one. 

 (Although my babysitting privileges may be revoked soon if I keep this up.) 

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