Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Phone Dump

  • My niece, Hadley, loves animals.  It's a curse for my brother who is allergic and just generally not a fan at all.  She's only three and the asking for a kitty has already started.  They take her to pet stores and shelters to get her fix for now.  She recently dropped off some cat toys and snacks at Unleashed Pet Rescue,and they featured her on their facebook page! 
  • My mom has been hanging out with Hadley on Mondays and Tuesdays (when she isn't watching Hunter), so they have stopped by my office to see me a couple of times recently.  Hadley is a big fan of the buffalo statue out front and always has to sit on it when she comes.  She bounces around and yells, "Giddy Up!" at it.  Her imagination is definitely in full swing these days...  
  • Allie is having a Hawaiian themed luau party for her 11th birthday next month.  We ordered a bunch of decorations off of Oriental Trading ... and also a fun outfit for my brother to wear.  Ha - I still laugh just looking at these pictures.  He was just trying to grill our dinner, but we absolutely could not wait to get him in the grass skirt and coconut bra.  We were definitely way more entertained by it than he was.  He is such a good sport about everything with those kids... :) 

  • I still can't say no to that face.  Ever.  He wanted me to come down and jump on the trampoline with him.  Of course I obliged.
  • Matt and I recently discovered that Whole Foods is a great spot for lunch...and for buying TOMS!  Last month, he ended up buying a pair of red ones while we were there, and this month it was my turn!  I could not resist these purple ones.  I immediately took pictures and text them to Christa, asking if she could paint them KSU themed for me...

  • Friday night ice cream date with Hadley.  There is a little gelato place in between our houses called Aunt Jeans that is absolutely the best gelato in KC.  Turned out Hadley just wanted to go for fun.  She had exactly 1.5 bites of the ice cream I bought for her.

  • I had some serious fun at Goodwill.  I was there over an hour looking for clothes for my trip to India later this month.  I found some real gems!! Oh, and I also left with a pair of roller blades.  You know, because that was on the list.  They just looked fun and I remembered how much I loved it when I was younger.  And they were only $7!! 
Endless racks of clothes...

Holy-high-waisted-pants!                 I totally bought these flower print ones.  Amazing.

I put the roller blades on IN the store.  So much fun.

And this is what $50 at the Goodwill can get you!
  • I started putting together some outfits for India. I'm going to be styling over there!  (No legs allowed to show.  Arms are questionable.  And it's going to be 110 degrees out.  Awesome.)

  • Date night at The Farmhouse!  It was such a gorgeous night and they have the cutest little patio.  Matt's chicken was pretty good.  My short-rib wasn't quite what I was hoping for, but I would go back!

So cute!
  • I've been wanting to go to a drive-in theater since I moved to KC years ago.  We finally made it happen.  We went to the one off of I-70 out by the stadiums...and it was pretty ghetto.  Not going to lie.  We saw We're the Millers and didn't bring chairs or blankets, so we had to sit in the car.  Luckily it was a cool summer night...

  • I don't know why I waited until mid-August to make my first trip to the pool with the kids, because it was SO much fun!  We got there before it even opened, snagged some chairs in the shade, and enjoyed a few hours of fun in the water / sun!

YouTube video of some pool fun is HERE.


(This is what happens when you skip nap time for pool time. 
Poor kid barely made it to the car before crashing...)

  • I got my hair cut.  And by cut, I really mean barely trimmed.  It's getting so long, but I kind of like it.  Short hair just isn't for me...

  • Allie made me some more art work.  That girl is so creative and talented.  This one is already up in my office at to her other masterpieces! :)
Tissue paper flowers - with glitter, of course
  • Christa finished painting my two days.  She drew this stuff on with a PENCIL!  It's clear where Allie got her talent from.  These are SO amazing, and I can't wait to wear them this fall for some football games!

(These are the ones she made for me last year.  She's good.)
  • More marathon training.  Bleh.

  • I took my dogs to K9's at the Cove.  Splash Cove opened up their pool just for dogs!  Willow and Cricket loved it, and so did Hadley!  She chased all the little dogs aruond and squeezed them as hard as she could when got her little hands on them.

  • Date night at Bluestem.  I bought a Groupon for Matt for his birthday...back in May.  It was about to expire so we had to go use it.  The portions were so small, but it was all delicious! (Minus the hair in my risotto...)

The main course:  My beef and Matt's chicken

  •  Another trip to the dog park on a beautiful Sunday.  This time with Hunter.   He definitely loved it...and might of spent more time in the water than the dogs did!

  • This is what happens when I try and leave his house.  He crawls in my car and gives me this face.  Seriously.  I always end up staying at least 10 more minutes...

  • Date night at Beer Kitchen.  The short rib there is my favorite.  For real.  (Oh, and while we were there, I realized the bar tender was a friend of 8th grade.  That I hadn't seen since 8th grade!  Couldn't believe we both recognized each other.  Crazy.)

(This months' "phone dump" is a little early because I leave TOMOROW for India and will be there throughout the end of the month.  Be prepared for a barrage of pictures soon...  I actually wiped my iPhone clean in prepration for the thousands I plan on taking.)

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