Monday, August 12, 2013

Brody - 7

Brody turned 7 ... back in July.  It was the second week of August when I actually got around to celebrating with him!  (Better late than never?)  Summer time is crazy!

I always do something with the kids, rather then buy them something.  This year, Brody chose to go to Dave & Busters -- which is where we went for his Christmas present last year, too.  It's leaps and bounds above Chuck E Cheese, where we used to always go, so I won't complain.

Before the fun, we had to have lunch.  Brody's choice.  Where did he choose?  Jason's Deli.  And what did he choose to eat?  Well, I told him he could have whatever he wanted since it was his birthday celebration.  My mistake.  The kid chose chocolate-freaking-pudding.  Who does that!?

(At least Allie had a sandwich with her chocolate pudding!)

I sent these texts to Christa.  Pretty sure she was not amused.

Yea, Brody had chocolate pudding, Dr. Pepper, and ice cream for lunch that day.
I am absolutely dominating at this whole "being an aunt" thing.  ;) 

After our very healthy lunch, we played around outside the restaurant and made a quick stop across the parking lot at Bass Pro Shop.  (I've still got $75 in gift cards to spend there!)

One shooting game while I looked for some sandals, and we were out the door headed for Dave & Busters!

Brody was nice enough to invite Allie to come along, too.  So I got to shell out $20 for each of them to play games.  (Lucky for me, I found a $20 underneath a chair, so it all evened out, haha!) 

Allie is strictly concerned with accumulating the most amount of tickets possible.  It doesn't matter if the game is any fun or not...she just wants tickets.  I haven't figured out why that is yet, because all of the prizes are a bunch of crap, and she knows it.  But whatever...all she does is find games that have the potential for lots of tickets...and she gets very upset when she doesn't get at least 20 tickets per game.

Brody, on the other hand, could care less about tickets.  He likes anything he can shoot or drive fast.  And the kid is one crazy driver, let me tell you.  He doesn't slow down for anything or anyone and has no problem running head on in to whatever is in his way.  If this is any indication of how his actual driving will be, I'm worried.

Look how little he is in that big chair!  He could barely reach the foot pedal!
 Allie ran through her $20 on her card in minutes...while Brody was taking his sweet time walking around analyzing every game and then picking each one that took at least 3 minutes to play, haha.  We started tricking him - to get rid of the points on his card quicker - by letting Matt or Allie play against him.  He would have been there hours (seriously) if we didn't!  He didn't notice. :)

Then the real fun came.  For Allie, anyways.  She took all her tickets over the the counter and they counted them and put them on her playing card.  The hunt was on for something good in the ridiculous prize area they have.  It took some serious talking (or more telling, I guess), but the deal was she had to split her tickets with Brody since it was HIS birthday celebration, after all. 

But since Brody is SO stinking CUTE...not only one, but TWO older ladies came up to him in the prize area and gave him their huge wad of tickets.  Allie wasn't too happy that he was getting more tickets than her...until she realized she had to share less of hers.

It all worked out, and after at least 30 minutes of deliberating over a spiky hand glove and a little plastic car (seriously.  I had to give them a time limit because they could NOT pick) - we ended up with a purple spiky glove for Brody, some sticky notes for Allie, and two pieces of candy.  For the $40 of games.  That place has to just print money.  The prizes are so cheap!

But whatever.  It was a fun afternoon with the kids, and I think Brody enjoyed his little month late birthday celebration. :)


Brody had an actual birthday party back in July (closer to his actual birthday), but it was the weekend I was in Tahoe.  I was sad to miss the party...complete with snow-cones, mustache face painting (courtesy of Allie) and a pie throwing fight.  Looked pretty awesome! :)

The chain of events in these pictures below is just hilarious!

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y (a month late)
to the sweetest, cutest, and coolest 7 year old I know! :)

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