Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 9 - Jodhpur and Delhi

**This post isn't finished yet -- I had it all typed out in my phone and somehow managed to hit the wrong button and delete it all!! I'll get it updated soon...**

Slept great again last night. Seriously love that sleep sack! It did get pretty chilly though. I don't know the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit, but 17 is too cold! We were curled up in little balls under the sheets and blanket trying to stay warm. 

We both woke up at 8am on the nose... Pretty hard to sleep through the most annoyingly loud bell - like a school bell maybe? - that rang right outside our building for exactly 12 minutes. If you can sleep through that, there's a problem! (I took a video of it. Click the YouTube link on the right of this page to see some of the videos from be trip...I finally got some to upload last night!)

First things first. I had to check the KSU score! 

Go Cats! Sad to miss the home opener!

I hopped through a quick shower - just had to rinse off after sweating so much yesterday. The water certainly wasnt hot but it wasnt cold, so I won't complain. Jut felt good to get some of the crap off me! 

All of the outfits I brought had one item that I had planned on wearing twice. Like I brought one top and two pairs of pants to go with it or vice versa. Bad idea. There is definitely no re-wearing clothes in India. So it's a good thing I shopped so much I guess! :)

I've also got  this whole unpacking and repacking of my giant backpack down to an art. I can do it in no time, by it does require some sitting on bags to squish them, haha. Can't believe it's still this full (and heavy!) after I shipped so much home yesterday! 

Ang forgot to book a place for Delhi tonight (I'll be on the overnight train), so she spent some time digging through my books trying to find something good. Once I was ready, we went back up to the rooftop for breakfast. This place is seriously so great! Amazing views and amazing food. I had a bowl of corn flakes with sliced banana (sure hope the banana doesn't get me sick!) and two pieces of toast with honey and jam that were so sweet they tasted like candy. But I was still hungry, so I ordered a bowl of porridge with honey and bananas, and finished Angie's toast. The guy looked shocked when I ordered another breakfast, haha. I eat a lot! Especially for breakfast!

So once we had our full bellies, we went down to ask the owner how to get up to the fort. 

"Yea, yea. 20 minute walk. Left, straight right, left, and up. No problem."  

What the... Are you serious?! What is straight right even supposed to mean?! And the "no problem" part must of been a joke, because the streets here are more like little alley ways that wind around and have no addresses. Like, anywhere. But whatever. I'm ways up for an adventure. And we could see where we wanted to go, after all. 

So we set off through the streets around 9:45. Jodhpur really is just beautiful. The old blue buildings are so awesome, especially with all the other bright colors popping next to them. 

I'm pretty sure we didn't go the right way. We must of missed that "straight right" somewhere. We ended up on a little dirt path through a neighborhood, but the kids we asked along the way kept giving us the classic Indian sideways head nod that I think we've decided means "ok" or "yes." So we kept on going. And going up. 

It was crazy hot out again. And humid. Shocking, right?I don't know why I'm still surprised every day when my clothes are soaked in no time. But today was a little worse than usual.  And we were practically running while hiking.


Started out fine - just a few pictures here and there - must be the hair?  Or skin?  I don't know.  But I got totally mobbed at the fort.  Like I was Oprah or something.  Cameras in my face all over - not even exagerating.  The police broke it up twice.  Maze of people  while we just wanted to get to the top for pictures!

I eventually had to just run out of this mob.  They ALL wanted pictures with me!

Went all through tour and it ended at guest shop.  Of course.  Went in a camel bone shop and bought a necklace and bought angie some more bangles.

Finally found way to top and got our pictures we wanted.  Amazing views.  Totally worth it.  (more pictures and cameras in my face.  Whole time.)

Running out of time.  Ang really wanted henna so we ran back down to the town.

Henna from old lady at random guesthouse.  We saw her sign on the way up and she helped us find the way.

Literally ra back to Hem to grab bags and pay rest of fee.  Didn't have enough cash. 
Motorcycle ride to ATM.  Ang said no way so I hopped on to get cash for both of us.  Craziest thing I've done in awhile.  The strets are ridiculous and so is traffic.  Dodged cows.  For real.

Saw elephant table in window sill.  LOVED it and told owner I wished we had had time to go to his families shop to buy some.  He sold it to me for a little bit of nothing.  Favorite souevenir from whole trip I think! 

Hand made mango wood table - tusks are nails.  Just so different and original!

Took another tuk tuk to tiny airport.  Felt like amusement park ride.

Hardly any security and only two gates at airport

Cafe coffee day out of sandwiches. Next shop had cheese. Cheese and pepper. Who eats that?

Waited at gate. Guy hollered out "Air India" and we walked out to airplane.  
Super quick boarding and we were off

45 minute flight to Delhi. 
Overcast but super humid.
Prepaid taxi to Angie's place near Connaught. Guy decided he didn't know where we wanted to to (no english) so he pulled over on side of road and some other guy got in. Who wasnt much better. Made it no problem though. Called Cleartrip four times on cab ride to confirm train tonight and to get car and seat info. 
Hungry and tired. No energy or time for spice market. 
Checked in and left Angie's bags. Brought mine along for walk to Connaught. Looking for Starbucks for food. Literally asked four people and got four different answers. Walked and walked - sweating carrying giant backpack and offflicially pissed off and hungry. 
Walked past Starbucks twice. Turned around and found it and ordered three sandwiches. That's how hungry I was. 
No room to sit inside - it was packed - so I plopped down outside. Didn't care. 
Random guy tried talking to us and security shooed him away!

Fabindia next. Again. Angie bought a skirt and I bought a purple top. (Oops. )

Loved this outfit.  Inspiration. I'm going to a similar one at home!  I have those pants in white. :)

Walking Ang back to hotel and found bags. Haven't gotten a bag yet! Done. 
Ang bought one too. (Problem. For real.)
She is holding the bag I bought.

Walked Ang back to hotel and took off for train station

Tried to get an auto rickshaw to New Delhi train station. No one would take me! One guy told me to walk. It was close but I was tired and had a lot to carry!

Went in to tourist info center. Told me to walk. Finally bribed a guy with 100 rupees to take me. He dropped me off on the street out front. Jerk. 

Felt pretty confident walking in. Gave myself pep talk. 
Saw three white girls just inside and immediately struck conversation. Power in numbers right? Cecile, Florence, and Gabriel from France. Also going to Varanasi! Score!
Hung with them to our platform 12 which was nice. 

I found my H1 first class car. They were further down.immediately spotted to other white people and went to talk to them. Aussie couple in seats next to me on the train! Yes!

First class car doesn't open until right before take off because people would try to get on. A lot nicer than other trains. 

Will have to update more later...

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