Monday, July 20, 2015

50 Miles in the Mountains

As much as Scott tries to tell me he's NOT a runner...I'll never believe him.

He just ran 50 miles.  (FIFTY.  MILES.)  In the mountains.  For fun!

That automatically makes you a "runner" in my book.

Of course I had to be there to witness this event.  Even though I didn't get to actually "witness" much of it, I was there to cheer him on when/where I could!  (Never mind the fact that I was just there two weekends ago, and would be back the following weekend, too!)

I flew in Friday evening and we drove to the start of the race to sleep in the van for the night.  The 4:30am alarm the next morning was a little early, but we got up, dressed, and walked to the start with all the other crazy runners.

Selfie before the race!

There he goes!

I hiked/race-walked/slow jogged the first 6 miles of the trail (with a giant backpack!) up to the first aid station, and actually beat some of the runners!  Even with having to back track at least half a mile when my backpack came open and I lost my phone on the trail.

As soon as I made it there and dropped my bag, I grabbed his mom and sister-in-law and we hiked another three down (and three back) to catch him at another aid station, 15 miles in to the course.  

We made it just in time - he came through as soon as we got there, and was killing it on his time.

It was a long stretch after that.  Logistically, I couldn't make it back to the first aid station, and then on to another one without missing him at the finish line.  So I stayed put, and helped out with water and sports drinks to the racers.

Eventually, I hiked a little ways up to a view point and waited for Scott to come through.  The anticipation was killing me and I couldn't just sit and wait any longer.  Plus a view like this is hard to beat:

And eventually, he came!      

44 miles down -- only 6 to go!

He stopped at the aid station for a few minutes to re-fuel and say hi to his family, and then took off again.  

We drove down to the finish line - no more hiking for this girl -  and caught him coming across!

13 hours and 9 minutes.  He's officially not only a runner, but a crazy runner.

He was pretty beat after that little jaunt (HA!) but managed to work at the aid station and help the runners coming through who were doing 100 miles!  (Come on, who runs ONE HUNDRED MILES!?)

We slept in a tent with his brother, sister, niece and nephew...on a deflated air mattress.  And he got up to pee about 6 times from all the water he drank.  So I can't say it was the best night's sleep I've ever had.  

We got this group picture the next day before leaving the camp and driving back down the mountain.

(He had to put his sweat soaked clothes back on for this!)

It was quite the experience to witness and be a part of an ultra-marathon.  Those people are another breed... I don't know how they do it.

I have a feeling we will be back next year, though.  Probably for the 100 miler... ;)

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