Friday, July 3, 2015

Road Trip: Denver to Lake Tahoe

Instead of flying to Tahoe this year for the 4th of July...we made it a road trip!

Well, I flew in to Denver and started from there.  Close enough...

Scott picked me up Thursday night (after driving allll day from Kansas City), and we took off for Wyoming, hitting the state line sign just as the sun was setting!

Have I mentioned how much I love that I'm dating a photographer?  

We get so many cool pictures like this one:

We didn't make it as far as we had planned that night.  We were both tired.  Not wanting to push it, we pulled in to a Wal-Mart parking lot and joined the masses of campers in the corner.

My view when I woke up:  My favorite store! ;)

I got behind the wheel for the day to give Scott a break. 

A few gas stops and windshield cleanings later, and we were in Utah.

It was too gorgeous of a day to not stop and get out for some exercise.  

And when Park City is right on your way... Why not?

Scott ran 6ish miles.  I slow-jogged 2ish.  The cool mountain air never felt so good after the summer heat we've had in Kansas.

After a quick "mountain shower" - ie rinsing off in a stream - we stopped for lunch at an Egyptian restaurant in Salt Lake.

I continued driving.  And I thought I was having a conversation with Scott an hour or so later.  But when he didn't respond, I looked over to this:

He was hunched over and OUT.  Two minutes after talking to me.

So I woke him up and convinced him to just go lay down in the back while I kept on the miles.

I woke him up again at the Salt Flats.  We definitely needed some pictures there!

Again, with the cool pictures.  He's the best :)

Entering Nevada!  (I have to get a picture of every sign!)

We had a time we thought we would make it to Tahoe -- but that time kept getting pushed back further and further with every stop.  

And we had to make another when the sky looked like this:

We might have missed sunset over the lake, but we still got a pretty good view from the road. :)

We pulled in to Reno just as it was getting dark, and made it to Scott's house around 10pm.

But that wasn't the end of the road trip.  We unloaded and re-loaded the van, and then went up to Shannon's in Incline Village -- so we would be all ready to go for 4th of July celebrations!

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