Friday, July 31, 2015

July iPhone Pics

  • Tornadoes in Kansas City!  Well -- sort of.  One actually touched down just a couple of miles from my house.  And while my sister-in-law was texting me to get down in my basement as the tornado sirens wailed, I was standing out on my front porch trying to get a video of it all.

  • Good thing that tornado didn't come any closer to my house, because I JUST got a new roof put on!  It's not what I would have picked - I don't particularly like the color - but it's what the new buyers wanted. 

  • Hunter thought my new mask and snorkel were quite entertaining...

  • By request, dinner at grams consisted of the following: chips, cookies, crackers, and gatorade to wash it down.  You know, all the healthy stuff.

  • I bet I made 100 trips back and forth between my house and my moms house this month moving furniture and clothes and garden tools and boxes.  Here I was sitting in the back of the truck holding on to some of my bedroom furniture so it didn't topple over on the short drive.

  • Speaking of bedroom furniture... ^^ This is my new room at my moms!  It's quite a bit smaller than my room was at my house, but I still managed to fit almost all of my furniture in it.

  •  I've been working on a big surprise for Scott for his birthday.  I got Scuba certified!
           I only had to lie to him a few weekends about what I was doing or where I was.
           This particular weekend, I got up at 4am, drove to Beaver Lake, AK, and did my open water dives.

BEFORE      and       AFTER

I can't say I'm a huge fan of it yet, but I think I will be once I get to do it in clear Caribbean water next month (BELIZE!).  The cold, murky Arkansas lake water was a stretch for me...
I was one of 9 people getting certified that weekend -- and the only female!

  • This is how bright my room is at 6:30 am on a Saturday.  #notcool  #needcurtainsASAP

  • Just another beautiful Kansas sunset from my porch.

  • Lunch date at Elsa's Ethiopian.  The best traditional Ethiopian food in KC, in my opinion.  Added bonus:  Elsa, the Ethiopian owner, is about the sweetest little lady I've ever met.

  •  Free tv's!  I posted this picture on Facebook, and they were gone the next morning.

  •  Scott and I had a game of sneaking polaroid pictures in to places the other would find when we weren't together.  I missed this one -- like, months ago.  So long ago that he didn't even remember when he hid it there.  It was in my sunglasses case.  Apparently I don't wear those sunglasses very often.

  • This just looks (and sounds) pretty delicious.  Going to have to give it a try!

  • I had some pretty cute visitors at work while their mom was out of town.  (And yes, Hadley is still in pajames at noon.  That's what happens when Gramma babysits!) 

  • I officially closed on my house in July.  These were the pictures I took when I went over for the last time to do a final walk-through.  Surprisingly, I'm not sad at all about it.  Just happy to not have to pay that mortgage any more! 

And one picture of the grass that Scott planted back in May

  • My mom decided she needed some reflective paper put up over her sky light to keep the heat out.  And she chose about the hottest day of the year for me to get up on a 20 foot ladder and do it. 

That's a lot of sweat on my back...

  • My first time running in ... months.  3 miles was an accomplishment considering my side hurt after three blocks.  This is about as out of shape as I can remember being in awhile. 

  •  Friday night ice cream date with these two cuties to end the month:

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