Saturday, September 19, 2015

K-State Football Game

Saturday, September 19
Kansas State vs. Louisiana Tech

The ONE K-State football game I could make it to this year...and we made it happen!

Tony called Friday night and said he had been offered three free tickets.  I jumped all over that!

We left KC early Saturday morning, and joined the masses of fans heading down I-70 to Manhattan.

About 30 minutes in to the trip, Hunter was already bored.  

"Da, where we goin?"  he whined.

When Tony said Manhattan, his reply was, "Nooooo - that too far!"

So we stopped at a gas station and aunt-of-the-year here bought him some snacks and a movie to watch on the drive.  Spiderman.  Which clearly was a waste of $9.99 because this was Hunter about 5 minutes later: 

He was all smiles but apparently too tired to walk as we parked and headed to our first tailgate.

Hunter was pretty shy (and maybe not awake yet) at our first stop, but he livened up a bit as we headed to our second tailgate with Brian and Chelsea.  He got cookies and candy there, so that could have helped the mood, too.

On our way to our third and final tailgate for the day!

After one more stop, it was finally game time! 

Poor Hunter thought we were going to a baseball game to see "the blue team" play (ie Royals), even though we told him numerous times we were going to a K-State football game!

The stadium underwent some renovation in the off-season, which included the north end-zone being built up and a big HD jumbo screen, which was much needed!

Our "free tickets" Tony scored just happened to be in the third row -- on the 50 yard line.  No joke.

Well, I think I technically sat on the 48 yard line, but Tony was pretty close to 50. ;)

We got there just in time for my favorite part of the day:  the band.

It was SO much fun to there again.  The weather was absolutely perfect and I just love the whole atmosphere.  Everything about it.  

Too bad I can't say the same for Hunter.  He spent most of his time on the ground under the seats playing with his toy car during the game. 

Oh, and the game?  TRIPLE over-time.  It was ugly, but we won.

After a quick dinner stop at Sonic, we hit the road home.

Kanza Prairie never disappoints with the sunset.


So, just for fun, here are a few comparisons to this game and the last game I went to with Hunter, almost 3 years ago to the day -- KSU vs North Texas, September 15, 2012.

  • He still sleeps on the car ride to Manhattan

  • He still likes to wear my sunglasses:

  • He still lets me hold his hand:

  • He is old enough to run on his own.  No more carrying this kid around at the tailgates:

  • He still brings his own toys to the tailgates, but likes cars much more than footballs now:

  • He's a lot closer to being able to see over that railing: 

  • Tony still has the same hat: 

  • He is a little more excited to be at a games now (I mean, at least he stays awake):

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