Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Taylor Swift Concert

Allie turned 13 earlier this month.  She's officially a teenager!  And she's been asking me for -- oh, at least 6 months now -- if I would take her to the Taylor Swift concert for her birthday.

The girl clearly has no concept of money yet  (I mean, she's only 13) if she thinks a $250 concert ticket is just a normal birthday present.  But she also knows I love her to pieces and have a hard time telling her no.  To anything. ;)

So, yeah, I bought the tickets.  I held out for awhile to see if the prices dropped any, relentlessly searching Craigslist and StubHub in the days leading up to the show.  The final purchase?  FLOOR SEATS bought the day of.

Honestly, I used her birthday as the excuse to go, but in reality, I love Taylor Swift, too, and was just as excited as Allie was as we were walking up to the Sprint Center.

BTW, Taylor travels with 26 semi-trailers for the show.  TWENTY. SIX.  That's a lot of stuff!

Oh, yeah, let me back up to this little beauty: 

Allie was slightly mortified when I showed up in jeans and a FANNY PACK -- and she looked like a teen model in a crop-top, skirt, and 3-inch heels.  

I've decided fanny packs are really brilliant accessories, and I'm going to bring them back.  They're totally going to be cool again!

And as much as she mocked me for wearing it, she put her phone in it the whole night.  So there!

Once we got inside - it was picture taking galore.  
(I'll just post a few...but rest assured there were many, may more taken.)

Vancy Joy opened up for Taylor and played for about 40 minutes.  I knew one song. 

I kind of felt bad for the guy.  Every one was clearly just annoyed that it wasn't Taylor yet.

Once we got down to our seats, Allie looked around, grinned really big, and said, "Wow, these seats are awesome!"     Stamp of approval.  Yesssss. :)

Allie's selfie:             
(Gosh she's just gorgeous!)

 vs my selfie:

There were little clear bracelets taped to the back of every seat, and when Taylor came on, they lit up in sync with her music.  

Coolest concert souvenir ever. 

Her first song was "Welcome to New York" and I'm not going to lie -- I went nuts along with the other 15,000 screaming people in the arena.  

She's just amazing!

Now I knew the seats would be good, but I think we really lucked out with our selection.  We were in row 30, but Taylor spent a good chunk of the show right next to us.  We were a little over half-way down the long center stage piece, and the first time she stopped and sang by us, we all died a little.

Taylor is so close!!  

She sat down at this spot in the dark in between songs and we could see her breathing.  #StarStruck 

A few songs later she came back out to our spot and sang "Trouble" -- which might have been my favorite performance of the night. 

(Don't worry, I have plenty of videos of it on my YouTube page if you want to see it!) 

Another outfit change...and she played "I Wish You Would"

Followed by "How You Get the Girl" and "I Know Places" sang from the raised stage that soared and rotated above our heads.

I don't remember all the other songs. I just have lots of pictures and videos of it all.

Dierks Bently came out as the special gust and played one song.

This was "Out of the Woods" - and up there with my list of favorite performances for the night.

She ended the show with "Shake It Off."  

Okay, another favorite.  How can you not love that song!? 

Saying the final good byes on stage with her band and dancers: 

The show was just too much fun, and floor seats are definitely the way to go.  

Oh and if I wasn't before, I'm officially a total "Swifty" now.  

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