Monday, October 20, 2008

African Safari - Day 1

Well after throwing up again this morning while trying to eat breakfast at the hotel, I have kept lunch and now dinner down!! I'm feeling much better now that I've stopped taking those stupid malaria pills. 

Anyways - here's a quick update on today: (since I'm typing this from my phone in the middle of a National Park in Kenya!)

We (myself, an old, really cool American couple, the guide, and our cook) left the hotel at 8am this morning and drove on washboard dirt paths (I wouldn't even call them roads) for what seemed like ever.  I was just vibrating and bouncing around in the middle seat, pretty sure the van did NOT have ANY shocks!  We drove through several villages or towns or whatever you want to call them.  Pretty sad to see and just unimaginable how they live the way they do!

After almost 5 hours  of driving, we arrived at Ambesoli National Reserve. Within 5 minutes of entering the park boundaries (seriously) we already saw ostrich, giraffe, zebra, gazelle, elephants...I can't even name them all. I mean just in the wild!!  NOT IN A ZOO!!  This is the most amazing place I have ever been too!! 


It's very hot and very dry here.  We pulled up to the campsite in the middle of the park (yes, I am camping WITH the gates or anything, just a clearing in some trees.  I'm cheap, what can I say) and the local Maasai tribe put our tents won't believe the pictures!!  They literally just walked up and started talking to our guide, and then just put our tents up for us!

(his sandals were made out of old car tires!)

We ate a quick lunch (the cook, Julius, is AMAZING!) and went on another game drive and saw tons more animals...a lion and babboons...its just CRAZY how they all live here in one big place together!! And we get SO close to them!!

(This elephant was pissed at us!  He was falpping his ears and screeching at us!)

(Look closely...there is a baby hanging on underneath that monkey!)

What a beautiful African sunet!

Anyways - I could go on forever about how cool and unbelievable this place is, but my thumbs are getting tired and its time for bed!!  I'll try to send out another email tomorrow night...I am visiting the Maasai village tomorrow with the local chiefs son - the one who set up my tent for me, he likes me! ;)  They only eat red meat and they drink blood...seriously!!



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