Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cairo, Egypt

I flew back to Nairobi last night on the same little puddle jumper (dirt runway and all) and crashed at a cheap hotel.  Never been so happy to have a SHOWER, haha!  I honestly didn't even know my hair could look/feel like this!  I lost track of how many days it's been since it's been washed -- let's just say a lot. ;)  I literally spent probably 15 minutes just standing under the cold trickle of a shower at the hotel trying to get a comb through my hair.  I even soaked it in conditioner and washed it NUMEROUS times - still smells like campfire smoke, and it still has rats in it! I'm pretty sure I pulled out at least half of my hair in the process...just mats of it!  

Anyways, I made it to the airport on time at the crack of dawn (still dark out) and had an easy, couple hour flight in to Cairo, Egypt, this morning.  I met a cool girl, Sylvia Vuong from Europe at the airport.  You can always tell the young backpckers doing the same thing I am!  We chatted for a little bit, and shared a cab fromt he airport (once we FINALLY figured out how to get a freaking VISA for this country) in to the heart of Cairo.  It is very hot, VERY dirty (just trash and filth everywhere), and very poor here. I mean there are beautiful little kids rumaging through piles (I mean MOUNDS) of trash on the sides of the streets!!  Very sad. 

I haven't really heard many good things about Cairo.  Nothing bad has happened at all, but I just don't really feel all that safe here.  I haven't even taken my big camera out yet!  Plus my hotel isn't in the best area.  Shocking, I know, for $20.  The men are so dirty and they all yell at me!  It is still Ramadan (same as it was in Dubai) but it isn't as strict here I don't think?? 

I did meet three really great girls my age from Melbourne, Australia at a little shopping market I stumbled upon trying to find some food (most restaurants are closed), so I am hanging out with them now! They've been around Egypt for about two weeks now on some sort of tour so they know the place a little better. They are taking me shopping at the bazaar local market this afternoon with a local guy they met. Its bad enough being one white and light haired girl around here, but now there are 4 of us so its even worse!! We are constantly getting honked at and yelled at by the disgusting Arab men... 

We walked around the area our hostels are in, headed acros the river (literally about the only time I've gotten my camera out in this city) and walked around at some markets downtown and did some shopping.  Nothing too crazy.

I think I am going to do a Nile River dinner cruise tonight and visiting the pyramids all day tomorrow. That's about it for now! I'll stay safe... :)


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  1. I did the Nile river cruise while I was there and enjoyed it. Glad you had a fun trip!