Monday, June 9, 2014

June - Week 1

I already have too many pictures on my phone this month, and it's not even half way over. 

It's summer time!  Fun stuff happens!  

So for this month...or these first couple of weeks anyways... I'm going to post weekly so it doesn't get any longer than it already is!  

(Real reason:  my phone is almost out of space and I'v got to delete some of these pictures and videos!)

Sunday, June 1st:

Sitting in church - waiting - because the priest was 20 minutes late.  Soooo I got out my phone and started  looking at Instagram (I should have been praying....)  and came across this little gem somehow.  Forget diamonds.  I'll take a tanzanite from Tanzania, please. 

Just imagine this ring in purple...

After church, I was "feeling the creativity" and went to Joanns to pick out fabric.  With all of my (lack of) sewing experience, I decided to make a bed skirt to match my blanket from India.  (I know, you would think I learned my lesson after my Halloween costume.)  I bought fabric and some velcro and hot glue.  Makes me laugh just to think about how this little project is going to turn out...

Later that afternoon, I met Jason, Kelli, and the kids at Splash Cove.  It's finally summer time and hot enough for some swimming!  Hadley and Hudson both LOVE the water, and it was so fun to watch them play!


Hudson apparently had a little too much fun in the sun...

Sunday night I took Brody to his first concert: Brad Paisley!  He didn't know any of his songs, but he was still pretty excited to go.  

I totally had the hottest cowboy date there!

We got there in time to see the opener, and he seemed to enjoy it, although he kept mentioning how loud it was!  Aunt of the Year here didn't even think about headphones or ear plugs or something...

We sat around and waited for them to change the set out for Brad to come on.

And when he did come on...he was LOUD.  Much louder than the opener.  And about half way through the FIRST song, Brody looked at me and screamed, "I'M READY TO GO NOW!" 

HA!  I had to laugh.  It was so loud you could feel it inside of you, and it kind of scared him. 

So, off we went.  So much for that first concert experience!

The only song we heard -- and I didn't even know it!

When we got home, Tony was out trying to change his flat the dark.  And if that wasn't bad enough, it started raining a couple of minutes later.  Poor guy was NOT happy.

Monday, June 2nd:

Round 2 of taking Hadley with me out to Tony and Christa's for dinner.  Let's just say the drop-off my mom did NOT go any better than last week.  Real tears again.  But this time I didn't play in to it and just told her we were going and to stop crying, ha.  It worked, and she was fine in no time (once I gave her the iPad, of course).

We did have a little "incident" once we got there that required a quick FaceTime with Kelli to reassure her that she was fine.  I left her on the trampoline with Brody and his friend for seriously two minutes so I could take Hunter inside.  And in those two minutes, she somehow went from loving it and not caring that I was leaving, to apparently ready to come inside, too.  And since she couldn't get down on her own, she decided to JUMP.  Yea, you can imagine how that turned out.  Brody's friend came running in and said, "Hey, your kid is hurt!" and I literally think my heart stopped for a few beats.  Thankfully she was fine.  But jeez.  The mind of a 3 year old.  Why would you just jump!? 

Tuesday, June 3rd:

I got my hair highlighted while I was out at Tony and Christa's the night before, so I had to send her a picture of my new lighter locks the next morning!

And this is my new obsession:  Dannon Banana Cream Greek Yogurt.  Seriously.  Tastes way too good to be as healthy as it is!  (I sent this pic to Christa, too, because I couldn't remember what brand it was when she asked me the night before.)

Wednesday, June 4th:

The backyard landscape project is about to start, so I had to snap some 'before' pictures of just how awful it really is. 

This is what you see when you walk on to the back deck:  two big, dead trees.

And if you look down, there is nothing but mud and weeds and a few rocks for a landing.  

More weeds (and no plants) to your left and right:

A very worn path (by the dogs) from the deck out to the picnic table:

LOTS of weeds underneath the picnic table - which is sitting on very uneven dirt:

And a few more random pics of all the weeds and dead trees in my yard:

Thursday, June 5th:

Just a couple random pictures from today.

Another place to add to the travel list:  Lake Prags, Italy.  (I seriously need to get to traveling if I'm ever going to see all of these places!)

I "met" an  awesome girl randomly -- isn't the internet great -- and she re-designed my blog for me!  She used to live in Uganda, so of course I think she's the coolest girl ever.  I love the way it turned out, but who knew picking a font could be so hard!?  I'll stick with accounting and leave the design work to more creative people!

I can't even tell you how long I stared at this.  Shoot me now.

Oh and then here's just another gorgeous Kansas sunset.  Because I'm obsessed.

Friday, June 6th:

My best friend, Kelsey, drove in to KC for the weekend, and I could not wait another day to see her.  We met up in Westport for dinner at one of my favorite spots, Beer Kitchen, with our old next door neighbor from the dorms our freshman year at K-State!  

And I got my favorite meal - the short rib.  Oooohhhh it's so delicious it makes my mouth water jut looking at the picture!  

Saturday, June 7th:

I volunteered to take pictures again in the Family Portraits tent for Convoy of Hope on Saturday morning.  This was my 4th year doing it, and we've lucked out with the weather each year for the most part.  But this year was a different story.  It was pouring rain all morning.  Surprisingly, the people still came!

A young volunteer made my  name tag for me.  I think she likes hearts...

I got there when they said we needed to be there:  7:30am.  The gates didn't' open until 10am, so that meant a lot of sitting around with my foot elevated.  Oh, and wrapped in a Wal-Mart bag to not ruin my walking boot.  Stylish, I know.

Once the people started showing up, it was a pretty steady stream all morning and in to the afternoon.  Only a few hiccups from the rain, but overall, it ran pretty smoothly!

Saturday night, I had a bachelorette party for an old high school friend -- who just happened to meet her new fiance at my house.  He was renting a room from me and she needed a place to stay for awhile when she moved back from San Francisco.  

Anyways, it started out at Amigoni Urban Winery fro drinks and a lingerie party.  I missed most of that due to the Convoy of Hope, but I caught the end.

High School besties reunited
After that, we went to Bar Louie for dinner - and more drinks.  The food was good and we had some good laughs, of course.

From there, we were headed down to Cigar Box for the rest of the night, with a quick stop at an Irish Pub that just happend to have a dancer and bag pipes.  Lacy about passed out from thrill of it all.

At Cigar Box, we sang karaoke and danced the night away ... until after 2am.  I don't think I've stayed up that late since Vegas, but it was SO much fun!

We met a bachelor party from Nebraska that was sitting next to us at Bar Louie, and they ended up taking our suggestion and joined us at Cigar Box -- which made the tiny hole-in-the-wall bar all the more entertaining!

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures because I didn't have my phone out most of the night -- but I'm not sure many of them would be blog appropriate anyways, haha!

Sunday, June 8th:

Sunday was a day of recuperating.  Like I said, I don't party, so that night wore me out.  Jodi stayed with me, so we went out for breakfast at Pegahs, and then Kelsey came over for the rest of the afternoon -- which consisted of laying on the couch watching the Royals game.

We did have some super cute visitors though!  Hudson and Hadley came down to say hi, and Hadley even put on a few "performances" for us.  (I recorded one.)  She loves to get up on the ottoman to sing and it's too adorable.

Sunday night, after being completely worthless all day, I decided I would be semi-productive and clean out my necklaces in my jewelry box.  I have so many of them and they're completely unorganized and crammed in there so I can't ever find what I want.  Now they're together by color and I can actually find them.  We'll see if that inspires me to actually wear any of them!

And that is Week 1.  

See!  Way too many pictures to hold on to for a whole month...

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