Monday, June 16, 2014

June - Week 2

Monday, June 9th:

This was a week full of appointments.  Monday's appointment:  eye doctor for my annual checkup.  I told him I wanted to try on some color contacts just for fun.  Apparently my eyes are already green enough.  You can hardly tell I have a green contact in ONE of my eyes!  Maybe I'll try blue next time...

Monday night, at Tony and Christa's, Christa randomly found this duvet cover on the internet.  Done.  Sold.  I bought it that night.  

Tuesday, June 10th:

Tuesday's appointment:  nose doctor.  One month after surgery and you can hardly tell anything ever happened!

That afternoon, I had a little down time at work and made tons of different invites for Angie's bachelorette party in Palm Springs in August.  Well - hopefully that happens.  I guess it's not a done deal yet, but  I have invites just in case!

Tuesday night I went down to Jason and Kelli's to help with the kids since Kelli had an extra long workout class.  Hudson was too cute in the bath tub to not snap some pictures...  

Wednesday, June 11th:

I've had some old lottery tickets in my purse for months now.  My mom got all of us a bunch of scratch off tickets for Christmas (so, I've had them crumpled up since December...) and I finally remembered to cash them in for the winnings while I was at Hyvee.  Instead of taking the $10 I won, I decided to just use it for Powerball tickets.  (Update:  I didn't win.  Shocking.)

Wednesday night, I met my friend, Lindsay, at Taco Republic for dinner to catch up over some tasty Mexican food!

After dinner, I went over to her house to see her sweet baby Stella - who gets cuter and cuter every time I see her!  (Can't believe I didn't take my phone inside to get some pictures!)

When I got home that night, I had a package waiting for me.  I have been searching and search for some extra wide width wedges that I could fit my fat feet into.  The options are very limited, but I think these will work.  They aren't THAT cute, but they also were cheap and I can fit in to I'll keep them!

Thursday, June 12th:

Thursday's appointment:  CASA.  I'm offically a Court Appointed Special Advoate as of Thursday.  I got assigned my first case - two siblings - and I'm actually kind of nervous!  Not exactly sure how this is all going to go down, but I'll give it my best shot!

Thursday night I went to Hope Depot to look at carpet.  Holy cow.  I had no idea there were SO MANY different types and styles of carpet.  I snapped some pictures of stuff I might like, and then came back home to google "Carpet 101" to learn a little about what I need for the family room. (My mom's old dog has peed one too many times on the carpet in that room and it just has to go.)

Friday, June 13th:

Friday's appointment:  foot doctor!  12 weeks post-op and I'm finally cleared to do some working out.  Some meaning whatever my foot feels up to.  I wish that meant I could run today, but there is no way my foot can handle that.  But believe me, I will be finding out just what my foot does feel up to very soon.

No pictures of my foot.  It looks just the same as it has:  scarred, purple, and a little swollen.  But I do have a pic of my hair!  I've been trying out lots of new products - mainly from my monthly Birchbox, but nothing has worked to make my hair as curly as it used to be. It's more wavy now -- not the spiral curls all over like it used to be.

Speaking of Birchbox, my June box came!  The only thing I've tried is the Harvey Prince perfume -- which shockingly I really like!  I've NEVER worn or liked perfume, but I might actually try this one out!

More downtime at work meant more designing fun stuff for the possible bachelorette party in August!  I found the bag on the left with a little internet search, and then fixed it up to make it my own!  I think it would be so cute printed on some tank-tops and canvas bags for the trip!

Friday night, my brother came over with the truck and we went to Liberty to get a new kitchen table I found on Craigslist.  Somehow I managed to slice my leg on the truck while trying to load it up.

The new table is taller (counter height), bigger, and MUCH heavier than my old one that came with the house when I bought it.  It's also off-white instead of white like everything else in my kitchen -- but I think I can live with it.

In the garage -- I was too lazy to move it inside Friday night

Saturday, June 14th:

Saturday morning, Kathy and I went to a free yoga class put on by Athleta on the plaza.  I've only done yoga once before -- and it was years ago when I lived in Tahoe -- but I thought it might be a good low-impact activity to ease myself back in to working out.

I can't say I loved it -- it's just so slow moving.  I prefer higher intensity/activity kind of stuff, but it felt good and I think my arms will be sore from the 8,000 downward dogs we did in that hour!

Picture from Athleta Kansas City's Twitter feed -- I'm in the back row

After yoga, Kathy wanted to check out a farmers market.  Since I was at the downtown one a month or two ago, I decided to take her to the Overland Park one instead.  It was so so so crowded - and not near as big as the downtown one, but we enjoyed walking around and checking it all out for awhile.

I had a couple of things I wanted to return to TJ Maxx, so while we were already out and about - and not far from the store - we decided to go there, too.  And right next door is the consignment furniture store I've always wanted to go in, but never had the time.  Well, nothing was on the agenda for Saturday, so we checked it out!

And man am I glad we did!  I found the coolest bed side table that looks like giant, old books, but the top lifts up with room to put stuff in and one of the books pulls out for a drawer!  I LOVE it!  Not sure where I'm going to put it, but who cares.  It was too cool to pass up.

I cleaned and ran errands most of the rest of the afternoon, but when Lacy stopped by, Kathy and I utilized the extra body and moved the kitchen table inside -- which was quite the ordeal.  Like I said, it's HEAVY.    The old table- which was in good shape - went to the curb with a free sign because I didn't want to deal with taking it to Goodwill or posting it on Craigslist.  

Then we went to David's Bridal to try on our bridesmaid dresses for our friends wedding we are in in October.  The dress will be dark purple, but we all found our sizes and got the dress ordered.  Strapless is so not good for me.  I had on the smallest size they had in the store (2), and I still couldn't keep it up.  I think I'll be on the hunt for an extra-padded strapless bra before the wedding, haha! 

Since my new bedspread came, I've been looking for some fun, bright art work to put above my bed.  I LOVE the globes that are up there now, but globes above the world map bedspread might be just a bit much.  (I have a weakness when it comes to anything map related...)

I took lots of pics of stuff I found around town that might look okay, but nothing jumped out at me...

Sunday, June 15th:

Sunday morning, I got up and went to church at 9, and then Kathy and I went to another free class at Athleta.  (I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot more of these since I don't have a gym membership!)

This time it was a boot camp type class put on by Burn Fitness.  And it kicked. my. butt.  I was out of breathe and dripping wet about 10 minutes in to the hour long class.  I could do most of the movements with some modifications, but it felt SO good to be working out again!  (My foot might feel otherwise later.)

Another pic from Athleta Kansas City on Twitter

As much as I love my new duvet cover, I do NOT love trying to find a bedskirt, pillows, and art work that look good with it.  You'd think it would be easy since just about every color imaginable is in it, but I'm having a hard time pulling it together.

So this is how I spent most of Sunday afternoon...

Off-white bedskirt, or dark red bedskirt?  Or a different color?

What kind of art work to go on the wall?

Decisions, decisions...

Sunday night, my friend, Jaime, drove in from Topeka and met met at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater for the Rascall Flatts concert.  I've been looking forward to this show for a LONG time.  I don't care if everyone says they're an 'aging boyband' or whatever.  I still love them!

Gloriana and then Sheryl Crow opened for them.  I wasn't too excited to see Sheryl Crow, but she was great!  And man -- I hope I look like she does when I'm 52!!

Jaime is just a bit darker than I am...    #ineedsomesun

Waiting with anticipation!
They did NOT disappoint.  It was SUCH an awesome show, and I forgot how many great songs they have that I love!  And on top of that, the weather was perfect -- and so was the company (Jaime).  So, yea, it was fantastic.

Trying to take some pictures -- that didn't turn out too well.

All of the band members came down and sang "Happy" and it was quite the performance I thought!  The video of that is here.

A little later, Sheryl Crow came out and sang a couple of song with them, one of with was "Picture" - the song she sang with Kid Rock.  I recorded some of that here.

At one point in the show, they came down and started walking around and taking selfies with people.  I bolted out of my seat, dragging Jaime, and said we had to try and get closer.  I was about ready to bust by the girl security guard to grab Jay DeMarcus when they turned around and started walking the other way.  Ugh - I was so close!

That's him in the purple shirt on the left.

While we were down there , we happened to see some empty FRONT ROW seats, so, yea, we stayed there for the rest of the show.  Way better when you can actually see the faces up close!

I will end this with EIGHT pictures of my new number one celebrity crush:  Joe Don Rooney.   (He's replacing Paul Walker.)

Or you can click here to see the video.

So hot rocking out on that guitar...

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