Monday, June 30, 2014

June - Week 4

This has to be a record.  4 random (and let's not mention somewhat worthless) posts in one month!?

Either way, here is June - Week 4:


Monday morning on my way to work, I hit a train.  I mean, not literally hit a train, I just got stopped by one.  I was already running behind, so this really was just the icing on the cake to make me quite late to work that morning. 

That night, I went out to Tony and Christa's for dinner.  After a last minute run to the grocery store to get ground hamburger (instead of the ground sausage Christa had thawed), we had tacos for dinner.  Allie had dessert covered.  She made her first cake - and icing - for Brody's 8th birthday!  Seriously, the girl is talented.  She made two different colors of green frosting to make the cake camo, an then used the brown to make it look like sticks!  So cool!

 And then just a random picture of Hunter.  Because he's cute and I'm obsessed with him. :)

After dinner, I went to Jason and Kelli's for a quick workout.  Kelli got a tabata workout from her trainer at her gym, and we decided to give it a shot.  20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  8 times through each exericse.  Didn't sound too bad!

Hadley was SO excited to get to stay up a little later and "work out" with us.  But her jumping quickly turned in to her just "coaching" us instead, which consisted of her telling us good-job with the occasion pat on the butt...while she ate in front of us.  

Well, the workout completely kicked my butt.  We were both a sweaty mess after that, and I was sore for three days!


Just day dreaming about the most beautiful place ever...and where I will be two weekends in a row!

Tuesday night, Jason and Kelli went to the Royals game (T-shirt Tuesday!), so I went down to help my mom out with the kids.  While out for an evening stroll, we came across a nest that had fallen out of the tree and the three eggs had splatted.  So sad!

I helped with dinner - and then bath - and that was about it.  I left bed time for my mom to deal with.


My lunch break on Wednesday was spent reviewing more files for my CASA case.

And then that evening after work, I finally got to go meet them!  They're the sweetest little things ever.  Of course they love iPhones (who doesn't?) and took my to snap some pictures.  Here's one of their many pictures... 

Sitting on the floor playing with my CASA kids


Just some more random pictures I had on my phone.  This bunk bed looks awesome, and I think it would be perfect in a guest bedroom - or even for a kids room.  Now, just to learn how to make that one!

Found the schedule of events for next weekend in Tahoe.  So much to do, so little time!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent in my favorite place, Lake Tahoe, for my birthday.  (The first of two trips out there in 10 days.)  And since I took 200 pictures in the 48 hours I was out there, I think I'll have to do separate post for that little trip... 

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