Thursday, August 7, 2014

Friday in Philly

Free place to stay on the Jersey Shore? 

Count me in  for another long weekend trip.

Leaving KC Friday afternoon

Arriving in Philly Friday evening

Shannon and Ryan flew in an hour or so earlier, so they were waiting on me outside the airport.  

Ryan's brother brought a skateboard to keep themselves entertained.  Oh, and trucker hats that everyone "had to" wear.  (Welcome to Philly?)

Skateboarding at the airport?  Why not??

Apparently there are a ton of things you "have to" do or try when you are in Philly for the first time.

Up first:  Philly Cheesesteak from the one and only Pat's.

Carson was fervently quizzing me on how to order properly as Ryan did the same with Shannon.  Apparently if you don't say it right they kick you to the back of the line to try again!  No joke.  

I was nervous, but got it out right the first time.  Shannon did not, but thankfully Ryan saved the day and they didn't make her leave.  That ordering business is serious stuff!

I can't say I loved it, but I ate most of it.  Just a lot of meat with a big spoon full of liquid cheese slapped on it.  Oh and a soda.  "Had to" try one of those, too.  (Don't even remember what it was called, but that was the first time I've had soda in...years?)

(Geno's Steaks was across the street.  They keep the competition close!)

I got a whirlwind tour of Philly after dinner.  I couldn't tell you what any of the buildings were called, but it was all petty cool!  Philly was much bigger than I was expecting!

Dessert next.  Another "have to" try is Yogurino frozen yogurt.  Now that stuff is legit.  Actually tasted more like yogurt than ice cream and was delicious.  (I had it several more times before I left!)

While I was about ready for bed at this point, everyone else wanted a glass of wine.  So we scored some sweet seats outside at Devon's, right across from a little park...and ordered oysters.  Wtf!?  

Yea, "had to" try one.  Lots of firsts on this trip.

I think my faces speak for themselves.  All I will say is YUCK.  
Oh and maybe add in a NEVER AGAIN.

The tour continued with the steps that Rocky ran up.  

Shannon and I raced to the top.  Not a good idea after Cheesesteak, soda, frozen yogurt, and an oyster.

So yea, as if I wasn't already about to throw up...let's add in some more skateboarding.

We drove by the boat houses where all the big school and clubs keep their rowing stuff.  Brought back some memories of the old college days on the crew team!

Drove by more cool looking museums and churches and government buildings...

Stopped at another park -- where we almost got hit by all the skateboarders.

Now this series of pictures is my absolute favorite memory from the whole trip.

Shannon wanted to get on Ryan's back for the picture.  Cute, right?  Except they've both been doing cross-fit and while Ryan was too sore to bend down very far, Shannon was too sore to jump very high...which resulted in a near miss and a very loud grunt from Ryan.  I was literally crying from laughing so hard...

Off to see the Liberty Bell!  I was hanging out the sun roof to get a good shot...but the cops standing guard didn't like that - or us stopping in the street - so I didn't even get a picture!

We drove around more - I think I saw every cute little neighborhood in all of Philly - and saw thiscool bridge on the way out of town to the Jersey Shore beach house!

We got in pretty late to Ocean City, NJ, and went right to bed since we had an early morning surf lesson scheduled for Saturday!

I saw, ate, and did quite a bit in that one Friday night in Philly!

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