Sunday, August 31, 2014

Random August Pics (from my iPhone)

August was a crazy month.  I was gone and/or had something going on every single weekend I think.  Between the Jersey Shore, LA, and Tahoe, this is the randomness that went on:

  • Cutest lunch date ever?

I sure think so...

  • On the drive home from work, a little rain turned in to a monsoon in a matter of minutes.  I mean I contemplated pulling over at one point it got so bad!  I couldn't see a thing! (So, yea, I kept driving and took pictures instead of pulling

  • A little late night FaceTime with my favorite 2 year old! 

  • Had to get ready in the dark one morning after a storm came through over night and blew a transfuser in the neighborhood.  Showered by candlelight, and then raced down to my brothers house to do my hair... 

  • Just a cool cloud on my drive home one night.  What else can I do with all of these random pictures of the sky besides put them on here!? ;) 

  • Trying on dresses for a wedding.  The black (bottom right) won.

  • Hudson loves to wear glasses, and it's about the funniset, cutest thing ever.

  •  It doesn't look that big or bright in the picture, but the moon was still up one morning as I was coming home from working out, and I just thought it looked cool.  Soooo here's the picture. :)

  • This was my inbox for my work email.  It was a slow week, what can I say. 

  • Back to school pictures!  Well, Hunter and Hudson just got thrown in, but the other three (Hadley, Allie, and Brody) on their first days of school:  preschool, 6th grade,and 2nd grade.

  •  We all did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge one night after dinner.  Brody went first, then Allie and her friend, then Christa and I, then Tony.  Hunter also did it, even though he was unaware of it.  Poor little guy screamed forEVER after that!  The video is on my Instagram page.

  •  I found this scarf on Etsy and I thought it looked fun.  Christa quickly shot that down and sent me the other picture of what I would look like in it.  I about died laughing! 

  •  A little evening fun with these two cuties:

(Hudson is one loved little guy.  Hadley can't keep her hands off of him!)

Sprinkler time! 

  •  MORE sprinkler fun with the other niece/nephews the next night!  I mean, when it's 100 degrees at 6pm, you just have to. 

  •  I'm obsessed and scoping out flights for Noevember.  I have to see the Northern Lights.

  •  Also obsessed with these things!  Taste so good and not all that bad for you either!

  •  My elbows one morning after doing lots of plank walk-ups in class.  They felt worse than they looked!

  • I was pretty much sick most of August.  Not really sick-sick, but definitely not 100%.  Could have been something to do with the pollen alert we were in!? 

  •  The coolest sunset ever as a storm moved in.  I don't even think I edited that one.  I mean, it was just that crazy looking!

  •  I went to my first track workout...and officially sweat more than I think I ever have.  My hair literally looked like I just got out of the shower.  (PS - I LOVE SWEAT KC.)

We played some pretty funny games and ate some delicious cupcakes.  Great afternoon celebrating the soon-to-be Mrs. Kelsey Hoyle!

  •  My cool new bracelet.  I love big, I love bracelets, and I love turquiose.  So this was a win/win/win. :)

  •  I had some pretty cute evening visitors over Labor Day weekend...

This is how I feel about working out twice in one day.  Bleh.

I had to bribe her with a popsicle to get ONE picture with both of us in it!

  •  Shannon wanted a bedspread/room update (I told her about how much I love my new duvet cover), so I sent her these pictures:

New Tahoe art work on the right!  LOVE!

  • I want to book a big trip somewhere cool.  Like, now.   :)

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  1. that bedspread is killer!!! never take it off! so, so good