Friday, August 8, 2014

Saturday on the Jersey Shore

 Saturday morning was my first look at the cute little beach house.  I should have gotten some better pictures of it -- it's the cutest house ever, and right on the water -- but this is all I got!

L:  Master bedroom with wrap around view of the water
R:  the room Shannon and I shared

We were up and out the door early for our 8am surf lesson.

Shannon bailed and decided to stay warm on the beach and just take pictures. Although she ended up falling asleep half way through, she still got some great shots!

It had been a couple of years since I'd surfed in the ocean, so it was rough going to say the least.  Still had a great time though -- even in the cold and clouds!

Ryan's butt crack showing was the joke of the day:

I eventually called in quits -- before the boys -- and just rode the board in.

Surfing is hard work! 

Group shot: 

By the time we got back to the house and cleaned up, it started raining.  That kind of weather definitely calls for a mani/pedi day!

That took just long enough for the storm to move through, so out on the boat we went!
Gnarly, the family dog, was ready to go!

Ryan did some pretty awesome wakeboarding and wakesurfing, and when the boat was turned off to bring him in and switch decided to just not turn back on.

Apparently that is a regular thing on the 'ole family boat.  I thought it was hilarious as we drifted in to the reeds and mud.  No one else really did. ;)

The boys went to town banging around on stuff to try and get it started, but eventually a tug boat was called.

We found plenty of games to entertain ourselves, including a goldfish race -- with the little edible goldfish crackers.  (I think I got last place.)

As if that little event wasn't funny enough, the seagulls realized we had food and began swarming us -- or more Shannon since she had them on her lap, haha!  Carson tried to save the day by swatting at them with his flip-flop.  The whole thing was just too funny...

The tug boat finally came - a long while later - to save us from the rain that was heading our way.  (Being stuck was fine.  Being stuck in the rain might not have been so fine.)

We made it back to the house in time for dinner outside and a beautiful sunset. 

Then it was off to the boardwalk for some entertainment!

We had to re-enact the pic from the night before so Ryan could redeem himself:

Crazy boardwalk pictures...

More "have to" eat things while on the Jersey Shore:  orange frozen custard with sprinkles and salt water taffy.  

(Side note:  that dirty little taffy guy pulled me in a little too close for the picture!)

The night ended with some family ski-ball competition: 

Not pictured:  me getting destroyed at pop-a-shot by Ryan's friend, Jason. :(

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