Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lake Tahoe - Part II

Saturday morning was a gorgeous day, so we got up and moving bright and early.  
I was more than ready for some time out on the water!

The best boat captain on Tahoe :)
Early morning water is almost always the best water of the day for wakeboarding.  Not the warmest, but the flattest.  So that's just what we did!

Ryan went first and got some serious air.  Carson was up next and landed a 360!

Sometimes Ryan's "serious air" turns in to some pretty fantastic crashes, which was highly entertaining to watch, haha!

Those two were some stiff competition to follow, but I went for it anyways.  I got up easy enough and made it outside the wake, so I'm calling it a success!  

This is what I do when I get scared:  Turn loose of the rope and just squat down, haha.

Shan went last and looked like a cool, calm pro as usual.

One of my favorite things to do is to hang out in the back of the boat and watch whoever is wakeboarding.  I'm always the "flag girl" on the boat and take my job very seriously. ;)

That clear blue (and freezing cold) Tahoe water just never gets old.  So beautiful!

(I'm not that strong of a swimmer so I had to hold on to Shannon in her life jacket for a breather.)

Wakeboarding really wears you out, so we chilled in the water and on the boat for awhile.  It was around lunch time by then, so we went to our favorite lunch spot on the west shore:  Chambers!

It's just so fun to tie up to a buoy there and climb up on shore to eat!

Chambers is famous for their "Chambers punch" drinks -- which are super strong.  I've had a sip of one before, and I think just that made me drunk.  Even with a warning, Carson slurped his down in record time, proclaiming how good it was - and that he was going to be fine.  

Yea, that took all of five minutes for him to take his shirt off and about pass out at the lunch table.  Live and learn, buddy. ;)

Side note:  the sheer number of condiments and water cups on that table is astounding, yes?
Some food did us all good.  After lunch, we crossed the lake and went to the east shore to chill out.  We didn't really have time to anchor it and hang out on a beach, so we just sat out in the water and soaked up the summer sun.  

Ryan eventually went wakeboarding again and just killed it.  He's so good!

We had to get off the water fairly early on Saturday...because we had to get to the TRUCKEE RODEO!

I saw it going on a couple of times when I lived there, and just never made it to it.  But we talked about this before hand and we all knew we had to go this year!

I brought my cowboy boots and the shortest shorts I own.  Sent this pic to my mom to get her going and asked if they were too short.  Her response was priceless:  "Not for you."  Ha! :) 

The sun was right in my eyes for the first half...but that lead to the perfect view of another gorgeous Tahoe sunset (which I failed to take a picture of).

The events went as follows:

Calf Roping

Barrel racing

Bull riding

I didn't enjoy mos of it, and won't elaborate much except to say I think next time I'll skip the rodeo and just sit outside with the animal rights protesters. :)

After the rodeo, we went to Shan and Ry's friends house in Truckee for a little outdoor barbeque.  The food was so good and it was just a beautiful night to sit outside and check out the stars.

I was beyond exhausted by the time we finally made it back to the house that night, but that's about par for the course when I'm in Tahoe.  Go go go until you collapse. :)

Sunday was kind of up in the air as to what we were going to do.  Shannon wasn't feeling the greatest (possibly exhaustion from never resting when I'm around), so we just hung at the house that morning.  But Tahoe won out and we ended up back on the water by 11am.

I mean, how can you say no to views like this??

I've always wanted to swim out to those big rocks ^^  and jump off, but I wasn't really planning on doing it that day.  I was nice and warm on the boat...and I knew how cold that water was going to be. 

That changed once Carson slapped sunscreen on my shoulders after I told him I didn't want any on, and I knew I had to do it.  I dove right in off the boat to get the sunscreen off me.  And once I was in, well, why not just swim out there?  

I almost didn't make it (like I said, I'm not that good of a long distance swimmer), but it was so cool once I got up top!

(Ryan and Carson eventually followed suit and swam out, too)

Diving in!

Yea, that's me dying on the swim back to the boat...  ^^
Shannon had the boat people blow up the tube for us, so we had to give that a shot.  I didn't think it looked or sounded all that fun, but man, I don't even remember the last time I laughed so hard.  I mean, I laughed harder than the porcupine story from Friday night, and that was some serious gut-wrenching laughing.

Ryan and Carson take their tubing very serious and had some strategies to stay on.  So Shan and I just had a blast whipping the boat around trying to throw them off!

                   Ryan is just about off in the pic above ^^

I got talked in to going with them -- even though I was terrified of Shannon's boat driving at that point.  She promised to be nicer to me, but I saw what she just did to those boys!

Since she was driving the boat, she couldn't take any pictures while she was trying to throw us off, but this is me begging for her to stop and let me off after one session:

Even with the boys holding me in, it was hard (and a blast)

She went slow and straight enough for us at one point to try a pyramid:

Ryan took a break after that...and then I was really scared with just Carson and I.  Being sandwiched in between sounded much better. 

This picture (below) might not look that funny, but let me set it up for you:

My arms completely on fire - or maybe numb by that point, I don't remember, but they were shot.  Screaming profanities at Shannon for just whipping me around so fast I caught air.  Carson literally yelling at me for where to move my hands and shift my weight to "properly tube", while I just lay there hanging on for dear life (and screaming).  And the best of all?  Him holding me on by my swim suit bottoms as I about flew off on the turn.  HA!  

Begging to get off that *#%$ tube.  
My arms weren't the same for at least an hour after that.  Or my abs from laughing so hard. Who knew tubing could be so fun AND such a good workout!?  

We were spent after that and decided to anchor the boat and wade in to a semi-secluded beach for the rest of the afternoon.  We had a cooler with sandwiches, snacks, and cold drinks...and the best views around.  Can't complain!

It's easy to lose track of time in that spot, and that's just what we did.  We weren't even back on the boat yet when it was technically our time to get off the water back in Incline.  Thankfully Shannon's boat people are nice -- and flexible.

We cruised back to the boat dock, got in a nice little fight with the boat next to us, and got off the water.  (Quote of the day:  dude takes shirt off and yells, "You want to talk about it on shore!?" to Ryan who is much younger and bigger than him.  That's alcohol and/or stupidity talking right there.)

We had to make a quick pit-stop at my favorite store in Incline, Potlatch...where I just happened to find my favorite piece of Tahoe art for the second time.  I bought it for Shannon a year or two ago, and have looked for it every trip since.  Found it this time and now it's mine!  

On my wall in my room back in Kansas!
Not much time back at the house to clean up and pack up. We made it over Mt. Rose in record time and dropped Carson off at the airport with not a minute to spare.  After a quick gas and bathroom break, we took off for the drive back to Shannon's apartment in Oakland.

What a view we had on the way!

We got home late...but I actually slept in the back seat most of the way.  Which turned out to be a good decision because we stayed up talking waaaayyy too late that night.  Especially way too late for me considering I had to get up at 4:30 for my flight back home!

After a little mis-communication between Ryan and I at 5am -- and a trip to SFO instead of Oakland's airport!! -- I made it on my flight, back home, and back to work for the afternoon just on time.

I think I got just a little too much sun, yes?
My poor nose is a red as my scarf!
Oh Tahoe.  Thanks for another amazing weekend.  Until next year...

(Or who knows...maybe next month at this rate!)

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