Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March iPhone Pics

I actually didn't have too many random pictures on my phone this month.  

Between, Tahoe, Colorado, and then a big trip to Africa...this is all that was left!

  • My niece might be the most dramatic 12 year old on the planet:


 Apparently if I don't buy her the most expensive concert ticket known to man (Taylor Swift) she will "literally never forgive" me.  Hahaha - that girl is too much.  Sad thing is, she knows I'm totally going to get her the tickets.  I can't tell her no!

  • I wasn't quite all the way awake one morning when I was making my smoothie for breakfast.  I turned the blender on without the lid...and it was smoothie galore.  On the walls, in my hair.  Definitely awake after that...


  • Shannon and I have a habit of making bets using Birchbox samples as the currency.  She won this time...so here was her selection.  She got to choose three.


  • CrossFit injury number...I'm not even counting any more.
                                            Kettleball Snatches: 1  ,   My forearm:  0

  • The Kansas sunset never get old.  Took these from my front porch and didn't even edit them!

  • The weather finally started to warm up, so I got back to hitting the pavement.  Haven't ran that far in months and it felt pretty good!
                         (In hindsight...this run was probably the start of my stress fracture :/ )

  • Willow and Cricket have also been enjoying the warmer weather :)

  • I've been sneaking in some CrossFit workouts over my lunch break.  I usually don't get too sweaty, but this day... definitely hot and sweaty and gross.  And had to go right back to work like that!
                           (Also playing in to the stress fracture:  working out twice a day)

  • 77 in March.  I'll take it.
                               (Nevermind that my car has 130k miles on it...)

  • Potty training is in full force.  How cute is this!? 
(Pants all the way down is a step up.  He used to take them completely off -- shoes, too!) 

  • I went for a run one night after work and my foot started hurting so bad I had to call my sister and have her come pick me up...   This was the aftermath. 

The next day was worse so I went back to my foot doctor (same foot he did surgery on almost exactly a year ago).  

                                                  Diagnosis:  STRESS FRACTURE

                                                And the dreaded boot is back in my life...


                                             I tried to incorporate the boot in to match my outfits. 

                                        I thought maybe if it matched it wouldn't stick out so much?


Ha - yea, right.  There's no hiding that thing!

And the timing could not have been worse for this to happen.

Left for Africa the next day... 

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