Tuesday, March 3, 2015

San Fran to Tahoe to Sacramento

Made a quick little Northern California trip this past weekend.

Flew in to San Fran, drove up to Tahoe, and then flew back out of Sacramento.

Highlight of the trip:  Getting to ski in 2 feet of fresh powder.

But let me back up...

Flew in to San Fran, and enjoyed the sunset along the way:

Shan and Ryan picked me up and gave me a quick tour of the city.  I was most excited about the trolley :) 

Drove down Lombard Street - because you have to when you're in San Fran. 

Had dinner at The Stinking Rose (yes, that's really the name of the place) and ended the night with dessert at  Ghiradelli.  (About to throw up at that point.  Pants definitely had to be unbuttoned...)

Went for a nice bike ride the next morning (reminded of how much I love Cali weather), and then grabbed Inn & Out burger on the way out of town that afternoon.  (So bad but oh so good.)

No trip to Cali with these guys is complete without a little dumpster diving at Restoration Hardware.  (No joke.)

"Why am I in a dumpster!?"

I pulled out a really nice baby bassinet this time.  (Got a fancy chandelier last time!)

The rest of the trip to Tahoe was not so enjoyable for the guys in the back...

Woke up to this view out the window the next morning!  Finally some snow in Tahoe!

Didn't take us long to get moving and on the road to Northstar for some skiing. 

The definition of beauty:

I needed some help getting my tutu on. 
 (Hey, YOU try balancing on one foot in three layers of pants and ski boots...)

How many people does it take to get Terri's boots on her feet and buckled properly?  

2, apparently.  (I was struggling that morning...what can I say?)

All suited up and ready to go (tutu's not pictured).

We hit the slopes and it snowed all morning.  Hard.

 After skiing all morning (as it continued to dump snow on us), we took a long lunch break at Zephyr Lodge.

Carson surprised us with a FaceTime call from somewhere between Chicago and LA:

Round 1 and Round 2 of drinks.  (Yikes)

 Getting moving again after eating and drinking (and being warm and dry) for 2.5 hours was a real struggle...

...but we made it happen.

Did a little shopping in the village that afternoon and got an Oakley vest and some Sorel slippers. :) 

 Have I mentioned that stairs in ski boots are the absolute worst?

 We were wiped that night.  So when the power went off back at the house, relaxing fire side was just perfect.

 Woke up the next morning to some blue skies peeking through...and lots of icicles.

Did some shopping in Incline and Truckee

and grabbed some lattes and sandwiches before hitting the road to Sacramento. 

My flight was delayed.  Like, several hours delayed.  

So I got a massage at the airport...and took selfies to kill time.  Haha.

Finally took off from Sac, only to have another delay in Vegas.  Made it home around 2am.

But I say this every time.  WORTH IT for such a fun weekend. :)

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