Saturday, May 9, 2015

Denver to KC Road Trip

After my foot surgery at the end of April, I had to stay off my foot (for the most part) for a week.  I could get up and walk around briefly, but overall, I had to limit my time up.  

So rather than laying in bed all weekend at home, I decided to fly to Denver (against my doctors orders), meet Scott there, and sit in the van with him all day as he drove to KC.  

This was the picture he text me when I told him I was coming to meet him in Denver (he was in Utah at the time). 

I mean, come on.   How can you say no to that face?

 So I booked the flight about 5 hours before it took off.  That was a new record for me I think!  I got the royal treatment at the airport - wheel chair and early boarding and all that.  HA!  Played it up just a little...

Got the front row to myself so I could keep my foot elevated and could move it around (ie keep the blood flowing so I didn't get a blood clot).  Easy hour and a half flight in to Denver.

Front row of the airplane - feet propped up on the wall in front of me.

The next day, Scott had to work for a little bit, so we found a coffee shop / book store in Denver and hung out there for a few hours.  I think this view is WAY better than what the view would have been sitting in my bed...

We took a quick detour to Boulder for lunch and a stop at a view point (really sucked to not be able to hike at all in the mountains)...

...and then we hit the road for the long drive home.
Denver to KC - with my foot propped up on the dashboard!

We blew right passed this Kansas sign the first time and I wasn't happy about it. I really wanted a picture by it!  So Scott flipped a u-turn and drove back for me.  He's the best. :)

Not long after crossing in to Kansas, Scott decided he wanted to play some drums -- on a county dirt road -- at sunset.  

So that's just what we did.

He set up the drums...

And he played... the sun went down.

I tried for EVER to get a shot of him playing with a lightning strike in the background, but I could never get it timed just right.  

Of course he got one of me just sitting there with the lightning though.

Had to switch to the glow in the dark drum sticks for the night time drumming!

After a couple of hours of playing, only ONE car drove by.

I'm sure they wondered what in the world we were doing out there.  Haha!

The rest of the Denver to KC Road Trip was pretty uneventful.  We slept on the side of the road somewhere in the van, had breakfast at a truck stop, and made it the rest of the back to Kansas City in time for me to go back to work...

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  1. i love this story!! ahh, so happy for you terri. what a cool guy!