Sunday, May 31, 2015

May iPhone Pics

  • Summer time = baseball time.  Look at that batting stance and swing Brody has going on!  He's quite the little baseball player already!

  •  6 weeks after surgery, I got my stitches out.  I totally could have done that myself!

  • Got some new sandals!  They had good reviews and have a solid footbed with lots of support -- exactly what I need for my poor foot.  It's in rough shape after two surgeries in two years!

  • I had so many text messages that looked like this in May.  Scott would send me his location, and I would pull it up on my iPad (while FaceTiming with him on my iPhone) and figure out how far it was to his next destination -- or find him a hotel or a rest stop or whatever it was he was looking for while driving across the US!

  • This was one of his planned routes.  I think it changed some in the end, but this one was close.  That's a LOT of miles on the road!

  • It doesn't happen all that often, but when I get my work email inbox to look like this, it's a good day.  Empty is good. :)

  • Lunch date at Whole Foods with my high school girls!  

  • Hadley and I did her last KiwiCrate activity box in May.  I think it was a hold over from winter, but we finally found time to put together a Frozen themed lantern!

  • Since I decided to sell my house, lots of projects have been on the To Do list.  I finished re-staining the deck in just a couple of hours.  It might not be the best job ever done, but at least it looks good at first glance!

  • We had several really good sunsets in KC this month.

  • As the house projects continued, I spent one fun Friday night shampooing carpets.  Good times...

  • Jason and Kelli went out for a kid free dinner date, so I took Hadley and Hudson to Chik Fil A and then to Antioch Park for the evening.  It had been cloudy and rainy all day, but the sun finally came out and it was a gorgeous night!

  • More house projects:  replacing ceiling tiles and repainting.  (I had to recruit my much taller roommate's help for the ceiling!)

(Can you tell I only repainted ONE wall?)

  • Aaaaand it's LISTED.  
I tried For Sale By Owner for a couple of weeks and eventually caved to a realtor after not much success.  (In hindsight, I wish I would have held out a little longer and paid for an MLS number myself...but whatever.  It sold. And I'm out 6%.)

  • One house project that was NOT on the list was repainting all the kitchen cabinets.  I started to touch up a couple...and then just decided to go for it and do them all - inside and out.  

  • I held an open house and had some cute helpers to assist with the signs and balloons!

  • Apparently no nap and lots of running around in the heat will knock a kid out.  I literally could not wake Hunter up.  I mean I was wiggling his head around and wasn't quiet at all as I slammed doors an carried him inside ... and nothing.  I had to check for breathing to make sure he was still alive!

(Hadley was so sweet and held his head up when he fell asleep and slumped over on her shoulder.)

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