Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Coki Beach, St. Thomas, USVI

Wednesday, Day 48

6:30am alarm.  Another late night and early morning.  Not a good combo for me, haha!  But Jackson had to be out the door by 7:30 for an interview, and if I wanted a ride, I had to go with him.  I was up and ready by 7:15, and even got some picture uploaded over night with the fast wifi here.

My couch/bed ^^

We stopped at a gas station on the way to the east side of the island so I could get some snacks and some cash.  I was on Coki Beach by like 7:45.  And I was the ONLY one on the beach!

There were a couple of locals bathing in the water, and few workers setting chairs up, but other than that, it was me and the ocean waves.

I found about the only possible spot on the whole beach to hang up my hammock and got situated.  Not a bad morning relaxing right here...

By 10am, the beach was pretty packed with tourists.  They were all over1  There were 6 cruise ships in today.  That's a LOT of tourists!

I hadn't been in the water yet, but it was getting hot.  It was time.  Jackson had sent me with a plastic baggie with dog biscuits in it, and the instruction to swim out and to the left...and then crumble up a dog biscuit and wait for the madness to ensue. Man, was he right.  I've never been surrounded by so many fish in all my life!  They were biting at my hands and one ran in to my mask!




I'll have to remember the dog biscuits treat.  That was too much fun. And the water was warm and calm! I stayed in for a long time and swam to both ends of the beach.

But when I got back out, I noticed this:

My favorite watch that has been all over the world with me finally called it quits. Sad day. 

I spent another couple of hours on the beach, mostly in my hammock.  They had an outdoor shower behind the bathrooms that I rinsed off in, and had to air dry because I didn't have a towel.  It doesn't take long when it's so hot out. 

I hopped in a taxi around 2 to head to the airport to meet Jackson.  He was working there and had all my stuff in his car.  But right before I got to the airport, I decided i was hungry, so I asked the taxi driver where I could eat.  I guess I spoke up just in time, because there was a nice beach in Lindbergh Bay right before the airport that had a restaurant.  He dropped me off there, and after some polite arguing, I got the same rate the other tourists got to be dropped off a half mile back.  

I messaged Jackson and said I was going to be a few more minutes so I could at, and he decided to come join me!

Conch fritters for an appetizer, and a tuna melt for lunch.  It was average at best, but better than nothing!

I was still semi-wet, and still just in my swimsuit when we got in the car to head to the airport.  My clothes were all in Jackson's car, and I didn't want to put clothes on over my salt suit.  So I just walked up to the airport in my suit, haha.  No joke.  Suitcase, backpack...and swimsuit.  I only went right in to the bathroom to clean up and change, so it wasn't that big of a deal, but a little funny. :)  I'm pretty proficient at the old airport sink bathing routine.  I've done it plenty.

Clean and clothed, I headed for the Spirit airways check in counter. I've never flown Spirit before, and was a little weary of the airline with all the hidden fees.  You have to pay another $10 or something just to check in at the gate!  I had already checked in online, but I had to get a tag for my checked bag.  (I didn't get charged extra for that, but they charge you for a carry on bag and checked bag and to pick a seat and for a drink...literally, everything.)

I got checked in, dropped off my bag, and made it through security/immigration with plenty of time to spare.  In fact, I sat down at the gate just in time for them to announce that the plane was delayed.  First it was only 30 minutes...but that soon turned in to over 2 hours late.  UGH.  Not pumped about that, especially since there wasn't much food there.  I had a tube of Pringles and two bottles of water for dinner.  Awesome. ;)

The plane was late due to weather on the east coast.  We finally took off around 7:45.  We were supposed to leave at 5:15.  And I was supposed to be having dinner with my coushrufing host, Melissa!  

By the time I landed, I was sure Melissa would have eaten already, but when I messaged her, she said she was waiting for me!  I got an Uber at 10:15, and made it to her house around 10:40.  PM.  That's late!

I was tired, she was hungry.  I needed to eat anyways.  So after I dropped off my bags, we walked a couple of blocks away to Mellow Mushroom, a cool little pizza place.

We ordered spinach and artichoke dip for an app, and then the Mighty Meat pizza -- Melissa's choice, not mine.   The pizza was good, but I could only eat two pieces I was so tired.  I did enjoy learning more about Melissa, an IT worker but helicopter pilot in training!  She has three expensive and super cute cats and a beautiful apartment in a cool neighborhood.  Couch surfing for the win again! :)

It was a late night by the time I got to bed.  Oh and I had to shower before I could go to sleep.  I was on the beach in another country this afternoon!  So weird to think about...

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  1. luke took me to a mellow mushroom in asheville and it was sooo yummy! i had never heard of that chain southeast chain before