Thursday, February 4, 2016

St. Lucia: Snorkeling at Ti-Kaye Village

Thursday, Day 28

Today was a bit of a lazy, somewhat unproductive day.  I slept in, had some breakfast, and did a load of laundry.  Or, attempted to do a load of laundry.

The washing machine was super old, and there wasn't any soap.  I dumped the clothes in anyways, along with some watered down dish soap after googling to make sure it was okay.  I thought it was all good, until the machine just filled up with water, then drained and stopped.

Ummm, that's not really washing.  So I went through the cycle again, this time with body wash as the soap, and stood there and agitated the machine myself.  It worked like half the time, but then it would just stop.

So, yeah, that took most of the morning.  And hanging clothes to dry takes a long time, too!

Next up was to figure out the plan for tomorrow.  I was pretty sure there was a ferry heading to Martinique on Friday morning, but the website was all in French and not user friendly.  So a drive in to town to check out some beaches and then to the ferry terminal was the plan.

Rendezvous beach right next to the airport was a nice spot.  Super easy to get to and calm water.

Didn't stay long, because the ferry and planning was looming over me.  Found the ferry terminal, but no luck on the morning ferry.  They did, however, have one leaving at 4pm.  I didn't really want to wait along that long, plus it was more expensive than a flight!  So, yeah, scratch that, I will just fly tomorrow instead!  I like that way more than a ferry anyways!

Came back to the house for some food, and googled the best beaches to snorkel at.  Found a couple of  options not too far away (i.e. not all the way back down to Soufriere) and set of to Ti-Kaye Village Resort.

There was a sign off the main road for it, along with a dive shop, which lead down a little dirt road for a mile or two.  We came up to a guard at the gate, and a sign that said no public admittance to beach.  What!?  Okay, fine, I'll just ask about the dive shop then.  They can't say no to that!  And they didn't.  That's too easy to get around...

And when I got down there, I definitely did NOT go talk to the dive shop.  I went right for Anse Cochon Beach.

It was a nice spot -- not as nice as Sugar Beach yesterday - but still nice.  And there were lots of people snorkeling, so I figured it had to be at least okay!

There were some local guys in the trees who I just didn't quite trust, so everything went back in the car rather than left on the beach when I got in.  So, not pictures, but this snorkeling was really great!  The water wasn't too cold or wavy, and the coral was close to the surface so the sun really lit it up!  Lots of fish and a water snake.  I was pleasantly surprised with that little spot!

The smell off food was too much to pass by, so I paid $16 for a stupid veggie burger at the resort on the beach.  I mean, it was delicious, but man, that's a lot of money for a burger!  Nice view, though.  I guess you 're paying for that, too! ;)

Hiked back up and started the drive back to Castries.  Had to have the car back to Hertz by 6pm, and traffic in the city gets bad around rush hour.

View of the bay from up above:

Found a nice spot to stop at and take in the city of Castries from above, too:

Got the car dropped off, after almost running out of gas on the drive, and then hopped a bus in to the city center.  Walked through Castries to the other side to catch the bus up to the apartment in Entrepôt.  

For some reason, there were lots of police men out today.  With big guns hanging around there neck.

Didn't have to wait too long for the bus to fill up, and we were on our way.  Unfortunately, it took just long enough to miss the cool sunset!  It's been awhile since I've caught a good one... and I know there have been some good ones back home in KC!

I am not a fan of the way salt water fells on your skin, so I showered pretty quickly once we got back.    

Oh, and this is what happens when you forget about putting broccoli in to steam and only remember once it starts to smell like smoke.  Oops.  Burnt broccoli for dinner it is (and another bag of chips). :)

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