Monday, February 1, 2016

St. Vincent --> St. Lucia

Monday, Day 24

(I'm so far behind on keeping this blog updated.  So, short version with pictures for now:)

Got up a 7:30 to call guy from Bequia Express about getting snorkel and fins
oh wait, did I mention that?
left snorkel and fins (brand new ones) on the ferry on Friday
he had them and said to come to the ferry between 10:30 and 1 today
made oatmeal for breakfast, but Kate's gas ran out
offered to replace it for her today
walked up the hill carrying heavy can of gas

found the place, but they were out of new gas cans
guess she will have to do without until she can go get one (probably tonight)
walked back to apartment and oatmeal was edible - warm and just a little soupy, but it worked
sat around house, got ready, packed up alllll my crap, and was out the door by 10:30
dropped keys off with Kate at her school
Started walk down to the gap (that's what they call intersections here) to get a bus to Kingstown
About half way down a bus was coming up (in to diamonds) and stopped 
I asked if they were going to Kingstown, he said yes and grabbed my suitcase 
Thinking that was too easy!

But at the gap, they turned opposite direction and headed up to Georgetown 
I asked him again if they were going to Kingstown, and he again said yes 
He said they would turn around in Georgetown
20 minutes later, they turned around PAST Georgetown, went back to Gtown, turned around again
Mad by this point so I AGAIN ask when they are heading to Kingstown - wasting so much time!
He said they were headed that way now - now that the bus was crammed full with 22 people. 
Didn't stop much on the hour drive from Gtown to Kingstown
Got there around noon, got charged for an extra seat for my suitcase but I expected that
Walked to ferry terminal a couple blocks away and got snorkel and fins - so lucky the captain kept them all weekend!

Walked to Massys grocery store to use bathroom and buy an apple
Walked up to Frosty Bites, a little ice cream shop we drove by on the way in to town - window said salads, soups, and sandwiches 
Half a veggie panini and split pea soup
Veggie panini (20 minutes later) had onions which got picked off, tomatoes and green pepper...and cheese. Dang it!
Soup was okay, not great.

Walked up to main bus stop in Kingstown - another couple of blocks - and quickly caught a bus headed to Arnos Vale and right by the airport
Ride took about two minutes - probably could have walked but it was up hill and no sidewalk
bus driver was drinking rum!
Walked in empty airport two hours early only to see sign that flight to St Lucia is already an hour delayed. Awesome.

Say down and read some of Fodors Caribbean book to kill time
LIAT still sucks -- and they're almost the only airline down here
Checked bag in and thought about walking back in to town but it's just too hot
so sat at airport -- for a looooong time
eventually walked through security and immigration to see if inside the airport (at the gate) was any better) - it wasn't

seats were more uncomfortable than wooden bench outside, and had to dump out water to go through security, but no water fountain inside - so annoying
flight that was supposed to leave after one to st. lucia left before
plane showed up and we took off about an hour late - not that bad

20 minute flight from st. vincent to st. lucia

just a few people on the plane so immigration was quick and bag was waiting
walked outside and a guy had a piece of paper with my name on it
mentioned I needed groceries so he stopped at IGA supermarket right on the way
loaded up on groceries - spent over $100! eating healthy is expensive

kept driving up and up and it wasn't where the location said it was on airbnb website - again
just like aruba and grenada - people list there homes in better locations that they actually are
definitely not walking distance to anything, but nice view of the city below

(blue dot is where apartment really is, red dot is airbnb location)

dropped stuff off, anne showed the place

She then drove in to town with her so she could give us tour and stop at bank for ATM cash - paid taxi drive my lat $50 EC

town looks a little more run down than I was expecting
nicest airport I've seen in Caribbean and I think parts of Castries are nice, I just didn't see them
looked a little rough, but have to be nice parts - I've seen too many amazing pictures!
quick tour, then back to apartment to make some quoina and veggies for dinner

off to bed around 9:30 - big bed, nice pillows, and a fan - excited for sleep!

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