Saturday, February 27, 2016

Yoga & Rain

Saturday, Day 51

It rained most of the night...and the skies were still looking like they could dump buckets any minute when I got up around 8.  I grabbed a banana and some cereal and threw on my yoga pants...which I haven't worn once since I left!  Anna and I left the apartment around 8:30 to head to Yoga down in the main tourist area in Grace Bay.

The studio was right above the building where she works, Dive Provo (she's a dive master).  $20 for a drop-in!  Yikes!  Pricey, but for 90 minutes of power yoga, I suppose it's not so bad?  I don't know...

The class totally kicked my butt.  I haven't done any sort of working out for weeks (months?) now, and haven't done yoga in who knows how long.  I'm not a yogi by any means, and have completely lost all of my flexibility.  So yeah, it was a rough class.  Definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow.

Cool wall outside the yoga studio ^^

It rained through most of the class.  Dang it.  I mean I'm in one of the most beautiful spots I've ever seen...and it's raining!  I can't complain though, right?  I mean I'm still in Turks & Caicos...

On the drive back, we talked about diving.  I get cold easily, and she does too.  Her solution, since she's in the water all day every day, is TWO wetsuits!  A 7mm (that's thick) underneath, and then a 5mm full wetsuit with a hood over it!  That's what I need!  Maybe I would last more than 20 minutes without shivering if I had on all of that, haha.

Also, I told her about hitchhiking yesterday, and she laughed.  I guess the people who pick you up are mostly from Haiti (my second guy was from Haiti - I asked) and spend their life savings to get to Miami...and usually crash land in Turks & Caicos!  Sometimes they even think they are in Miami when they get off the boat!  Crazy!  Anyways, she said they're generally horrible drivers and aren't even legal to drive.  Sounds about like what I had yesterday. ;)

Back at the house, Anna did laundry and I sat around on the computer.  Not much to do when it's raining!  I started reading a book about Turks & Caicos and it was SO interesting!  I didn't know it was such a whale watching spot, and this is even the time for them!  She said they heard them yesterday!


Also, there is this famous dolphin named JoJo that lives in the waters nearby and actually prefers humans over dolphins.  He left his pod to stay with this one guy!  Anyways, Anna has swam with him TWICE!  And has videos of it!  So cool!  I would LOVE to see a dolphin or whale, but it's not happening today in this weather.  Bummer.  Guess I will have to come back.  Three days is definitely not enough time here.  There is so much to explore on so many islands!

That afternoon, Anna said she had some errands to run and asked if I wanted to come. It was raining still, and I had nothing else to do, so I went along for the ride.  First we filled up water jugs.  Anna doesn't like the way the waters tastes on the island, so she only drinks this.  That's all I've been drinking, too.  Haven't even tried the tap here.

Then she took me to see some other parts of the island I hadn't been to yet: Chalk Sound and Taylor Bay.  The water at Chalk Sound was a crazy color.  Even with no sun, it looked awesome.  Anna said it really blow your mind with the sun is shining on it.

As I was running up to the shores to get a picture, the ground turned from dirt to thick, thick mud.  My sandal instantly got stuck, I slipped, and when I tried to pull my foot up, the flip flop broke!  Awesome.  So now I had to walk back through the mud barefoot.

Taylor Bay was more of a secluded beach with huge fancy villas around it.  It's one of the places to stay if you want to get away from the all tourists around Grace Bay I guess!  She said the water only got up to your waist for a hundred yards out or so, so it was a good spot for kids, too.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way back home.  A fancy IGA!  Not the smaller local one Calvin (my taxi driver on Thursday) took me to.  They had everything.  It was just like being back home -- except triple the price!  I got two Naked drinks - Ive been craving one of those - and it cost me $13!  Yikes!

Back at the apartment, it was more of the same.  Just sitting around and talking.  I looked up some more stuff for Florida next week and did a load of laundry, but the weather was just so rainy and nasty out.  What a bummer!  I mean this is really the first long stretch of bad weather I've hit the whole time I've been traveling.  It just happens to be in a spot I really wanted to explore, and a spot where I don't have much flexibility on extending my time here.

I never really ate lunch, just had a Naked drink, so I was hungry around 6.  Ashely still wasn't home from work and Anna was waiting for him, so I ventured out to find some food on my own.  There were several restaurants nearby, right by the Yacht Club that they live across the bay from, and I ended up at Shark Bite.  Nice little bar/restaurant that overlooked the bay.  (Apparently they get sharks that come in the bay and hang out right there by the restaurant!)

I got the curry fish tacos and fries - about as healthy as you could get at a bar.  They were okay.  A little spicy for my liking, but I finished them anyways.

I was so tired of being in the house all day, and it had finally stopped raining, so I decided to take a walk around the area before it got too dark.  It honestly was almost cool.  I mean temperature wise.  I had on capris and a sweater and was chilly!  Maybe all this time in the warm weather has made me even less accepting of cold weather, if that was even possible. ;)

I walked down to the beach, and it was almost completely empty!  The sky was dark and it was so windy.  A far cry from the way it looked on Friday morning!

On the walk there I saw a palm tree right next to a pine tree.  I haven't seen a ton of pine trees, but a few on some of the islands.  And every time, I think it's so weird.  Aren't those supposed to be in the mountains?

When I was heading back to the apartment and walked the other way on the beach around a bend, the sky started to clear up just enough for me to snap a picture.  I edited it just a little ;) to blue up the skies, because they were a little more gray, but I just thought it was a beautiful picture.

I went back to the apartment before it got dark.  I didn't need any more incidences where I have to run, haha.  I really didn't want to go out, and didn't have anywhere to go out to anyways, so I just started watching the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer.  I'm hooked.  I watched three episodes last night and two tonight before trying to get some sleep.  Which didn't happen because I couldn't' stop thinking about that crazy show... I was up until 12:30!

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