Saturday, February 20, 2016

Virgin Gorda, BVI

Saturday, Day 44

When we went to bed last night, the plan was for Jenifer to get up early and go play tennis this morning-- at like 6am.  But when I woke up at 8am, she was still asleep!  So we had a relaxing morning, sitting around on our computers and making plans for today and next week.  Jenifer even helped me try and find some couch surfing hosts in Turks & Caicos, but it's not looking good. Not a lot of options there!

I still hadn't heard from Taylor (Walters friend from last night) about what time they were going to take the ferry to Virgin Gorda, and was getting a little anxious.  I finally text him again around 9 and he thought they would try and make the 10:40 ferry.  I said I would meet him at the dock in town at 10:15, and barely made it in time.


The place was a zoo!  So many people there, I was worried I had missed Taylor.  I was pretty sure I remembered what he looked like, but I only met him for 2 minutes last night!  So I found the ferry we needed (Speedy's) and just waited at the counter, assuming they would come back and look for me if I had missed them.

The ferry was suppose to leave at 10:40...and at like 10:37, I still hadn't found Taylor.  I had just decided I would go anyways, on my own, and was at the counter to by my ticket and run to the ferry, when I saw Taylor and his friend, Anderson, running up to the window!  They made it!  Barely.

We got right on the ferry and it left about as soon as we sat down in our seats up top.

It was a 30 minute windy and bumpy ferry ride, and then we pulled in to this beautiful bay in Virgin Gorda.

(Do you think they meant for the sign to look just like the water?  Because it sure does...)

First things first.  We were all  hungry.  Taylor had heard of some cool restaurant on the island, so we grabbed a taxi to there.  Coco Maya.

The restaurant was amazing.  On the beach, incredible views...  We heard Taylor Swift rented the place out for a private party, and I can see why!


The menu was great, too.  I had some shrimp lettuce wraps that were so so so good.  We all loved our food, actually.  

So on our taxi ride from the ferry port to the restaurant, our driver gave us his card.  His name was Sweet Ice WIllie.  No joke.  And that is how he referred to himself.  The back of his shirt even said it, as did his truck.  Hahaha!  Too funny.  So we called him when we were done eating and he came back to get us.

The reason we came to the island of Virgin Gorda was to see The Baths.  So that's where we went.

The weather wasn't the greatest all morning.  The sky was overcast and it was windy.  It even rained on us at the restaurant.  So it was no surprise to see the red flag and a Caution sign when we got to the Baths.  (I will NOT be getting in the water today!)


We immediately started the hike down to...I didn't know what.  We just followed the trail through these giant boulders on the beach.  It was so cool, and I was so happy I decided to come check them out.  They were way way way cooler than I was expecting!

They reminded me of what I assume the Narrows at Zion would be like.  Walking through rocks in water up to your waist.  I seriously just loved every second of crawling around down there.


Somehow we got off the path and did some exploring on our own.  It turned out fine, because we eventually made it to the main beach.

We set up shop there for the afternoon, and between my flower sarong and my hammock laid out on the sand, we all napped.  Late nights and early mornings catch up with you eventually. 

We tried to take a different path on the hike back, but it ended nowhere, so back the way we came.  It was just as fun the second item through - crawling around and on the giant boulders, wading through the clear turquoise water.

There is a restaurant at the top of the park, so we stopped there for some drinks. The view was perfect.

Sweet Ice Willie was busy when we called him for a ride back to the ferry, so he sent his son...also named Willie.  I think we nicknamed him Sugar Shawn or something like that, haha.  

He dropped us off early -- we weren't sure if the ferry was at 6 or 6:30.  Its as 6:30, so we walked back to a little gas station and got some snacks - pringles and snickers - for dinner on the boat ride back to Road Town in Tortola.

It was windy and that kept the ferry from going very fast.  It was a long, slow ferry ride.  I felt so bad that I was gone all day again with Jenifer's car.  I rushed home, but she was still sitting in the same spot at the kitchen table -- still working!  That company she works for is lucky to have such a dedicated employee!

I wasn't too hungry for dinner, so I made a green smoothie and worked on uploading pictures for calling it a night pretty early.

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