Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Weekend

I was happy to be back home with my family for Easter this year.  (Not happy about the Easter weather, but more on that later...)

The weekend started with a little Saturday soccer.  Hadley is really in to soccer now, so we wall went to her game to watch.  She's actually pretty good!

(I'm sorry but how cute is she!?)


That afternoon and well in to the evening, my mom and I were trying to get her new house presentable for everyone to come over to on Easter Sunday.  I went to Best Buy and bought some new televisions since all ours got ruined in the fire.  I mean you can't have Easter Sunday without televisions, right!? ;)

Her new house, although not complete yet, is already beautiful!  The builder did a great job.  The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in the house.

We managed to get the house in to pretty good shape by Saturday night.  Now on to Sunday morning...and the SNOW.  Yes, it snowed on Easter Sunday.  That's what happens when Easter is in MARCH!

Who wants to scrape ice and snow off the windshield before Easter Sunday mass!?  Not me...  But I did so I could meet Tony and Christa and their kids at church.

Hunter got to go up front and do a little performance (and the mean little boy next to him wouldn't hold his hand!) and then he rode home with me back to "Gram's" house.

He's just the sweetest little guy there ever was...

I am one lucky aunt.  Look at these cuties!  Hunter (4), Brody (9), Hadley (5) and Hudson (2).  Allie (13) is too cool for the kid picture now.

The kids had a great time hunting for all the plastic easter eggs I hid that morning (and stuffed with candy last night).  





I don't know when Easter turned in to Christmas, but it basically did this year.  My mom got the kids so much stuff!  

At some point, Jason remembered he left his car running...for like an hour!  He left it running when Hudson was sleeping in it when he first came over, and then just forgot about it, haha!


Once the kids had their fill of egg hunting, it was time for the big kids (i.e. adults).  We each had an egg to find of a certain color in a certain room with cash in it.  


It always annoys us every year that we have to participate, but my mom loves it so much so we all play along.  And let's be honest, who doesn't want a $20 (or sometimes a $100) in their pocket!?


I don't let a family get together go by without at least attempting a family photo.  I love going back and looking at the ones from years past, so I really try to keep the tradition going.  Easter Sunday was no different, except I got a video too this time!  It's only 2 seconds, but worth the watch. ;)

They usually don't turn out pretty.  It's a miracle if we get everyone looking at the camera.  But it's a fun snap shot of the time together with my crazy family that I love so much. :)

(And I capped off Easter with a little evening jog since I ate half a pan of cinnamon rolls for lunch...)

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