Friday, March 11, 2016

Jason & Kelli's Move

Is May too late to post about March??

I hope not...because that's where I'm at.  A solid two months behind.  And so much has happened!  

Up first:  Jason and Kelli's move.  They sold their first house they had together -- where they brought both of their babies home too -- and are moving onward and upward to a bigger place in western Shawnee.  

This move was actually part of the reason I came home from the Caribbean.  They needed help moving (and so did my mom).  

So promptly upon my return home...this is what I was faced with:

To be fair, Kelli did a remarkable job of boxing up almost the entire house by herself.  It was just up to me to play jinga with the boxes and fit that house in to two giant moving trucks.  

"This is just as good as being in the Caribbean, right?" 

It took most of the day, but we successfully got the ENTIRE house in to the two trucks pictured below.  No easy feat.  And honestly, we could not have fit one more thing in either truck.  They were both so full the doors barely shut.  


I took some pictures of their empty house just for memories...

Master bedroom and guest bedroom

Hadley's room and Hudson's room

Dining Room and Family Room 

Once we got everything loaded up in the two giant Uhauls, the real fun began:  a slumber party at my moms tiny little rental house! 

As fun as it was, that house was just not made for more than two people!  But we crammed six in for the night.  Plus three dogs and a cat!


Not only did they come with their stuff -- but their FOOD came, too!  The fridge could not have been any more full...

We went back over to the house the next morning for a few more pictures and one final farewell!

And guessed it...more moving.  UN-loading those trucks (one of which I drove through the city!) took most of the next day to finish.


But we got it done!  Jason and I had to race to fill them up with gas and get them back to the UHaul store by 7pm.  It was actually quite the fiasco filled with lots of laughs, but we flew in there at 6:57pm.  

I'm bummed I didn't take any pictures of their new house before they moved in.  It's at least twice as big as their old one and SO beautiful.  Guess I was too busy carrying boxes to get my phone out!

The transition went pretty well for the kids.  Hudson only asked to go "home" once.  They're all adjusted now and loving life in their new spot -- which they will NOT be moving from any time soon!

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