Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tony's 35th Birthday

Every year for family birthdays, we all get together for dinner.  Tony has always chosen Will Jenny's for his birthday dinner, but they closed a couple of years ago.  His new choice this year was Hira's Steak & Sushi - a hibachi type place where they cook the food in front of you.  I think he mainly chose it because it would keep the kids entertained...and it did!


I'm not a big fan of meat, so I got sushi.  Delicious!!

After dinner, Tony opened a couple of presents he got from the kids.  (I didn't get him ANYthing!  Such a bad sister this year!)  He got this hilarious birthday card from Brody (9 years old):

Translation:  "I hope you have a great birthday at the steak house.  I figured out that I can't buy shit with a a dollar so thought I would give it to you."

Hunter drew Tony a card and put a big spider on the inside that he was just sure was going to scare him!

And he painted him a sweet little birdhouse, too -- which is already hanging in the tree in the front yard.

"Uncle Tono" with Hadley (5), Brody (9), Hunter (4), Hudson (2), and Allie (13):

The best family picture we've gotten in awhile.  I mean, everyones head is at least facing the camera.  We didn't quite get all the eyes looking, but pretty close!

I can't say the family picture taking went as well for Tony's family!  HA - so many outtakes!



But we got one decent one of them, too.

Another birthday in the books for Tony (35) -- and another fun family gathering for the rest of us!

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