Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kansas City --> Tahoe

I only lasted another week in Kansas City before taking off for my next little adventure:  out to Tahoe for a few days, and then a road trip from San Francisco up to Whistler (Canada) for Shannon's spring break.

I basically packed my entire closet for the trip.  FOUR bags.  Don't judge me.  One is a ski bag with skis in it and one is a ski boot bag -- with rock climbing gear in it, haha.

KC -->  Las Vegas (where I got a free mini cooler with my airport sushi) --> Reno

Reno doesn't normally get a ton of snow, so I was surprised to see all the white stuff upon landing.

Scott picked me up at the airport, and after a few stops at REI and Marshalls, we ended up in a Wal-Mart parking lot to get some groceries and make some dinner in the van.

I finally pulled the trigger and bought some ski boots ON-LINE without even trying them on.  I had them shipped to Scott and he was actually more excited about them than I was!  He had them out of the box and on my feet in no time.

And the verdict is... they're keepers!  Can't believe after all the shopping in Colorado and on-line looking I did, I finally have a pair of light ski boots that are semi-comfortable on my wide foot!  They're the Atomic Backland boots, if anyone cares.  And they're amazing. 

Anyway, Scott warmed up some lentil soup in the van, and then we rented a Redox to end the night. The two hour time difference is rough on my body and that 8:30 sleep time I'm used to, so it's usually an early bedtime when I'm in California!

We are off to Mammoth tomorrow to get my new skis mounted with my new bindings..and maybe actually use them sometime on this trip!

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