Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Florida Keys: Key Biscayne --> Islamorada

Parking the RV on the streets of Key Biscayne last night turned out fine.  We woke up when the sun came through the windows, and decided to drive in to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park just down the road. 

Lots of trails and a decent beach.  Picnic tables and restrooms.  Can't complain. 

We found a big parking lot right by the beach and stopped there to make some breakfast.  Green smoothie time!

After breakfast, Scott wanted to go for a run...with his shirt off and (sweat-stained) heart rate monitor on.  What a dork. ;)

The run started off on a nice path along the ocean, and then turned in to a small path through the trees.

I said I was only going 2 miles.  ... 3.5 later, we were still running.  At least it was slow enough...but it still hurt.  

Our cool down walk lead us around the end of the island, where we spotted these little "huts" out on the water.  We couldn't decide if they were fishing huts or houses or oil rigs or what. Until we read the sign...  They were actual houses out in the water!

We wandered around the park for a bit and made it to the lighthouse before heading back to the RV for lunch.  Or a continuation of breakfast?  Eggs and veggies and beans and deliciousness.

We got all set up on a picnic bench (no plates...just straight out of the pan), when we noticed some visitors had come to visit us...

Three big, fat raccoons came out of the trees and did not care one bit that we were there.  They just wanted the food!  Brazen little things they were...

Don't worry -- they didn't get any food from us!

It was time to head down towards the KEYS after that.  The whole point of the trip this week!

View of Miami on the way back through:

It didn't take long at all before we were crossing in to the Florida Keys!

Of course I had to stop for a picture at the sign!  (Even got the RV in the background!)

(Don't mind that hair...didn't shower after the morning run.)

We drove as far north as we could -- and eventually hit a private resort where we had to turn around.  (That seemed to be a theme throughout the keys.  A lot of private spots we couldn't get to!)

A little further south, we hit Key Largo! The only reason I know that town is the Beach Boys Kokomo song. :)

We tried to get in to a state park, tried to find some food, tried to find somewhere to park, tried to find somewhere for sunset... basically nothing was really working out too easily.  But it was all good.  I mean, we were still causing along the Florida Keys!

Eventually, we pulled in to a spot just off the the highway in Islamorada, that turned out to be called Robby's.  There was a restaurant there and a big parking lot where we thought we could park the rv overnight.  We also found out there were bathrooms that were open all night, so that was a plus!  We have a bathroom, but we're trying to conserve our 32 gallon water tank so we don't have to re-fill it somewhere... so that's where we parked it.

There was a dock there that we walked out on to check out the fish and birds and boats...

Back in the RV, I made my mexican lasagna.  The RV had a STOVE!  How cool is that!?  It actually turned out pretty good!

We ended the night with some card games (I dominated) before sleeping with the windows open and the breeze blowing in.

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